Tonight, Tuesday the Town Council, all five of them, illegally  threw me and my bride Karin out of the meeting. I say illegally for the following reasons.

IMMEDIATELY before the subject came up of the LOCAL OPTION FUEL TAX (LOFT) the town, all five of them, did pass Resolution 19-03. I waited for the resolution to pass before I spoke.

The resolution spoke clearly and definitively about how council meetings are to be conducted. The Resolution, according to the Resolution, was to take effect IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING ITS ADOPTION (IMMEDIATELY IS THE KEY WORD HERE). So I waited until the resolution was passed and the subject of the LOFT Funds came up.

Section 6 of the resolution is titled Public Input Standards.  Section 6 talks about how the Standards are to be applied and published, this is at the bottom of page 2 of the Resolution. On the top of page 3 of the resolution is the key paragraph which obviously no one, none of the five, read prior to ADOPTING the Resolution. It is quoted as follows:

Any member of the public addressing the Town Council shall first state his or her name and address. If the item relates to a matter on the Town Council agenda, then the speaker shall follow the recitation of his/her address with a concise statement of his or her position on the agenda item under discussion.

I tried to do just that. Would of taken me two minutes. A reminder here is that the resolution of adopted not 3 minutes before I and Karin were thrown, forcibly ejected, out of the meeting. Not a single one of the Council members objected. I tried to speak to the quote Rhett Bullard made that no one, state agencies, or anybody, has provided any proof that the LOFT funds couldn’t be used just like the general fund.

What I wanted to present to the Council was Four Attorney General Opinions (AGO’s) on uses of the LOFT moneys. The town, all five of them, didn’t want to hear it so they threw me and then Karin out of the meeting using their henchman, a White Springs Police Officer, to do the deed. The council members, none of the five of them, wanted to see what I and then Karin had to offer even if it pertained to the exact item that was on the agenda.

Obviously the five of them never read the resolution because, Tonja can’t read and Spencer, Rhett and Walter think it is beneath them to study before a council meeting. I tried to tell them that the ordinance (Resolution),they just not five minutes prior adopted, said. But the God of the Earth, the idiot Spencer, and his four companions, and the four STOOGES. Tonja, Rhett Walter and Helen did nothing to allow their own words to be heard.

It’s time to visit an attorney or a judge. Scaff perhaps. He has the obligation to make them preform to their own rules and regulations and Resolutions. They clearly did not in this case.

The whole resolution is contained in the Article  on Resolution 19-03 published earlier on this Blog for those of you who want to see the intelligence of your Council members and to prove EVERYTHING I’VE SAID to yourself.

Joe Griffin

Citizen Activist

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