How a Talented Hard-working Citizen of WS Builds a Road vs How a White Springs Builds a Road

This is how a talented young man from White Springs Builds a Road!

(Photos and message courtesy of Thomas Brazil’s facebook page)
Thomas Brazil

Been building a road for the past few days almost done got to do some clean up on the ditches and put a final grade on it and I’m done.

This is How White Springs

builds a Road


Too many potholes and cracks that the Citizens complain of
Stacy Tebo our illustrious manager through Grant Writers secures a grant from FDOT to build a section of road
The Town of White Springs is awarded the Grant by FDOT
FDOT handles the construction of the Road through a contractor awarded by Stacy Tebo
The contractor with the lowest bid even though it does not totally fix the roads as anticipated is given the job, and the figures are fixed so that they are above the Grant amount.
Since the Town has no money except for Local Option Fuel Taxes, the Town’s percentage is paid out of these LOFT funds which FDOT has stated is illegal
Since Stacy said “Build that Road” she takes additional LOFT money for her salary which is illegal since she has no exposure to the Road/Street building.
Since our Finance Director has to pay our portion of the Grant, she takes additional LOFT money for her Salary, by cooking the books which is illegal using LOFT money
Since our Street and Road Guy doesn’t know how to build a road and does not have any equipment for the Road Repairs, he supervises FDOT and gets paid from LOFT money for his full salary during the time the Road is built, not having to do the work.
Since the Administrative Assistant has to answer the phone, she gets a percentage of her small salary paid by LOFT funds, when answering the phones is her only duty of road/ street building.
Since the Police Officers may drive on the road after it’s completed, they receive LOFT fund percentages toward their salaries, having nothing to do with the building of the road.

By the Way, citizens have been complaining at Fat Belly’s relating to police protection, which there are none.  One Citizen indicated that before Tracy Rodriquenz, police officers would be seen on the streets patrolling. But now there is no patrolling of the Streets and if anything is serious, the Sheriff’s Department is called.  The Sheriff’s who take reports have indicated that we cannot expect White Springs to handle any crime or problems because the Sheriff’s Department is the only Department who will assist White Springs.  Why are we paying our officers to do nothing Jobs?  —except of course they guard the council and remove anyone the council doesn’t wish to  bring forth truth and honesty.


Nice Job White Springs but of course you hire only Out of Towners and friends and relatives of White Springs.  Did you see in the news that Williams resigned from the Hamilton County Chamber of Commerce?   The Chamber is a “Rhatt” organization and not for enthusiastic intelligent people.


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