Grants and claim

A Revised Community Center Agreement has been written.  The Community Center Storm Shelter will now be located on Willie Johnson Road.   Phil Bishop has been working with Ray Vaughn regarding the location.   It is on higher ground which will reduce the truckloads of dirt and have an easier egress and ingress.  The Department of Economic Opportunity Block Grant has approved the funding.

The FRDAP Grant for $50,000 is being advertised  in the  Jasper News.  The manner in which it had been advertised previously did not provide contractors’ quotes for the Basketball Court the Playground and Baseball field.

On January 23rd, there will be a Pre-Construction Conference for the Kendrick Street Project.  February 17th the Contractors will meet with the residents on each of the streets, street by street.

The Florida Municipal Insurance Trust has provided $16,870 for the Light Pole which was hit by a car by  the Farron Filya residence.  As usual practice FMIT most likely will subrogate against the vehicle owner’s insurance company and possibly secure any deductible which may have reduced the claim.

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