Do us a service and Resign. It’s because of you and Andrew that we lost the best Fire Department we ever had

By the way Steve, I , Karin investigated where these people lived. And you obviously did not provide updated information to the Town because the aforementioned was what Pam Gave us. I don’t mind being called a DumbAss but buddy, you are one too if you think any of the citizens in White Springs Support you when you don’t answer calls and don’t have Kevin Pittman’s qualification s nor his leadership skills. It’s so obvious, even your Century Workers despise you but need a job, so how dumb are you or do you need the money so bad, that you continue to be here when we don’t want you and never did. Or I should say before I knew about your sex parties and your lies I actually did, but no longer buddy! You’re on your own.

Again if the Greenes don’t work for you or are under you as firefighters, why does Andrew still have the Fire SUV?


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