Contributor provides affirmation on no one benefiting but Andrew on the SUV issue

No one will get the benefits of the SUV no one has benefited from the time the department received the SUV. The only person who has benefited from it has been Andrew who has had a free vehicle to drive around in. No one in this town has benefited from him having it not one person it could have been used for far more then Andrew’s personal vehicle but just like this blog has said before it special strokes for special folks. Guess this town manager plus its so called fire Chief give to those who don’t do a damn thing hate to say it in the real world this crap would never happen, only in white springs does one benefit from not doing anything just like the so called members of the department who live no where near white springs or care for its citizens they are all just doing there boss Steve a favor that’s it plan and simple. Stand up Citizens of White Springs put an end to this nonsense vote Lofton,Brown, an the Ratt out lets fix our town together

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