Community Center Rental

The Rental Contract for White Springs Community Center/Amphitheater has been made simplistic for the people of White Springs.   I have noticed that almost all contracts made by Municipalities and the School System do not have the usual verbiage that even insurance companies require.  Yet, apparently if the contract were more difficult, many who wish such a rental, would not understand what is required for due diligence.  For instance, I inquired why a police officer was not required to be hired if liquor is served.  The answer was it needs to be affordable and simple.

The agreement under the Contract is as follows:

  1.  The rental fee is $100 per day for all rentals.  This amount includes the sales tax required by Fla. Stat. §212.031

  2. There is a $15- cash or certified funds deposit for all rentals, which shall be forfeited in full, if any of the following regulations are violated, or if there is any damage to the property or if the premises is not clean and left in substantially the same condition as when rented.

  3. In the event of substantial damages, the undersigned and/or organization agrees to reimburse the Town of White Springs for said damages.  In the event legal action is necessary, under this contract, the undersigned and/or organization agrees to pay the Town’s costs including reasonable attorneys’ fees.

  4. Alcoholic beverages are allowed

  5. No controlled substances or firearms are permitted on the premises under any circumstances.


  7. Should the usage of the premises result in a complaint such as a public nuisance for  disrupting the peace, excessive noise or other conduct which might adversely affect the reputation of the Tiown of White Springs, the White Springs Police Department and/or Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department may immediately close the building.  In which case, the rental and deposit fee shall be forfeited to the Town of White Springs.

  8. Sponsoring individuals or organizational representative responsible for the function shall be 21 years of age or above.

  9. Cancellations must be made 24 hours before rental date for a complete refund.

  10. Key may be picked up at Town Hall after 8:00 a.m. on the day of the rental.  Rentals expire at 2:00 midnight and all activities other than cleaning shall cease at midnight.  The key must be returned the following day before 12:00 noon.

Previously when we rented the building, sales Tax was not included and our Auditor, Mr. Whitehead, has requested our agreement include that information.

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