Comments of 2014 – same ole same ole except we have now A GREAT FIRE DEPARTMENT in Millers Administration

  • Helen Miller had an opportunity to change White Springs fairly and honestly, to abide by the law and to keep her promise to citizens.  Yet, her promises vary depending upon the citizen one speaks to.  I don’t know about the rest of you but I do not trust those who lie to me or to others on a continual basis.  She now has her Town Manager in so deep with lies that they no longer can remember what the truth is.  This has to stop!!

  • Currently the Mayor, the Town Manager and Vice Mayor are blaming Townsend for all their budget problems;   The Town hired and or retained him, ignoring all other complaints.  They even hired Subic, a traitor to the U.S.

  • Helen Miller loves those she can control with unclean backgrounds.  In fact you stand a better chance being hired by the Town of White Springs if you have a record than being one who is honest and follows the law.   While some former government officials may have been blind-sided by certain people who were hired, Helen Miller knew and has always known who those under her are

  • Helen Miller and the Council did not see fit to retain a fully functional fire department.  They caused the current Fire Chief to give his resignation because they just did not realize how important a functional fire department is.  Years back, Townsend actually took all funds from the Fire Department when the Town needed money and fired the then Fire Chief when he objected. They will spend money on their project but not on our fire department.  If the town does not comply fully with the ISO, expect canceled homeowner’s policies or a hefty increase of $100-200 a month.

  • Instead of providing our Police Chief with a car allowance for driving back and forth to Jacksonville, the Town’s police car is being used with all expenses paid.   Since Police Vehicles are extremely expensive to replace, one would think the Council would be more prudent with money.

  • Mayor Miller started the Food Bank and the Town did not have a 501-3C.  She also took away the food bank when Richard Marshall brought up the money the Mayor had used for personal use.  She promised Catholic charities would come into town and that did not happen. She then blamed my blog for listing where the food came from.  The reason the name was in the blog was due to an interview of Richard Marshall whereby he stated his accomplishments and gave the name in his autobiography.  I had a computer program set up for the New Hope food bank, I purchased a trailer with Marshall (with specifications it be used specifically for the charity), and helped Marshall with the 501-C3 paperwork.  It never was filed.  There were complaints that not all families who needed food were welcome; only certain families. Now Richard Marshall is forced to do as the mayor wishes and is the first to vote increases or anything which the Mayor wishes.  Fortunately the churches of White Springs have started a food bank but even the police may not keep the food secure and it as once been stolen, and possibly moved to Jennings some feel.

  • Townsend stopped providing the Town with monthly budgets.  Since the Mayor and Council do not have financial backgrounds, it appears that was fine with them.  No one knows where the money goes per month or how much money is received.  The Tax revenues are not enough so they raised Sewer Rates based upon Water usage.  They don’t follow ordinances and do not derive money in other areas.   This appears fine with this group of council persons (With the exception of Rhett).  They love your money and their reason for being on the Council is prestige, instead of serving their constituents.

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