Before you all think that everything was so great for me when I moved to WS, perhaps you should see the comments made of me which I posted in 2013. This went on for years.

My best of wishes to each of you!.  May your New Year 2013 be bright and provide you with health, happiness and prosperity.


It has been an interesting year since I have moved to White Springs I hope the Camels are proud of slandering and fabricating stories about a woman who has done nothing to deserve their comments which are numerous; some of which are shown below:.:


Ms. Fleshwhaker she, like you, did not want to read what we have to say since you are soul mates with identical improbable IQ’s. Ms. Fleshwhaker (poor woman must not know since this happened before her tenure and you forgot it yourself Reverend Ihateeverybody and Ms. Felshwhaker; Ms. Joelovesmyfat. ll his obese paramour “fat”  Swamp Ape; Fat, Ugly Old Woman; Ms. Illuminati

the Griffon/Fleshwhacker. Mrs. Griffon (aka Flash, Anonymous, Swamp Ape, Kudos, Wonder Woman and Bafoon) puffy eyed, in threadbare bathrobe, curlers crookedly placed, and a cigarette dangling from her lips opens the Reverend Griffon (aka Rev. I’minthecloset) is laying on the marital bed hugging his dog apparently still asleep. my precious full-bodied damsel…” beautiful-bodied darling Frau Griffon Banners all over the place, animals roaming the property and speaking of animals, have you seen his wife? If so, you know that her qualifications as a Circus sideshow are many. Looks, build, the way she wobbles when she skulks around the grounds, her mustache. rather large Adams apple(more on that later)  etc….I mean, her dress could be used for a Circus tent itself !!!! She, will be dubbed “The Troll”.   Troll brideInstead, he, the Troll and the registered goat would be sweating and moaning in the throws of passion. Ewwww! You know all about hell don’t you. I feel sure you and the Troll have lakefront property already reserved down there. We have two new players: “Swish” and “Smarty Pants” attacking the Rev. Ilovemyswampy. We. Swampy has two personalities: she is Flashy during the day (no, Pretty Camel, no, not FLESHY but Flashy) and Wonder Woman after the lights go out.

How dare you call the loverly Ms. Fleishenwhacker (no relation the Wonder Woman or Flash, I promise) a “swamp ape”? Have you no shame? How can anybody be so crude? Have you no pity? May the curse of the three legged camel with hemorrhoids descend on your head and may your hair fall by the handful. How dare you insult thus the swamp apes?

Ms. Flimflam also has a fb page and that she is an author!!! WOW she can’t spell principal or lunatics, she can’t construct a decent sentence but she is an AUTHOR!!!! Hallelujah!!!

Griffin may be reaching the breaking point and he may go postal any moment. He also told us that the Camel Club has been providing something that Griffin dearly craves: attention and that if we stop giving him attention we may precipitate a dangerous breakdown. So we find ourselves with a dilemma: if we stop paying attention he may go postal, if we continue bringing reality and truth to his lies and deceptions he may go postal.

Anyway, Swish and Smarty Pants: please, please, the camels are back and we can continue annoying the Rev. Whosfirebombingmyhouse and his adorable bride-to-be,

Rev. Heroesrusnot may have served but did not get the decorations he claims; the Rev. Iloveherfat.

obvious mental disorders, lies and inconsequential ramblings.  Obviously none of your friends (not that many we are sure) have forwarded the emails to you Rev. Grotesque Rev. Forkedtongue!!! Imagine that. I also see that Rev. IlieallthetimecauseIamsick at another lie. Loser!!!! Rev. Ienvyall the  Rev. Uglyrus, in one of his drug-induced stupors and probably while consulting the “Illuminati”* or the Myers-Briggs* books, found our secret: we are Ed Miller and, therefore, we are no longer secret. Please do not tell my wife, she has a horrible temper and may hurt me since I also pick on her in the CCN. we got the Rev. Iamnotangryjustpissed’s goat. Rev. CelibacywasokbuthisisbetterIthink goes postal, and he will, Mr. Smith is not around. dear Rev. Iamalsoconfused is really in the closet

We believe that Mr. Griffin has reached a point mentally that he is posing a danger to his fellow citizens. The proof of this is twofold. First his obsession with finding who the camels are and since he can’t, his demented mind picks on those he hates most: Mr. Townsend (as if the man didn’t have enough problems) Mr. Miller, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Moore, Mrs. Moore, Mr. Smith (whoever he is) and probably others

The reverend slowly opens his gummy and blood-shot eyes. Kisses the dog in the mouth, stretches his fat body and mumbles: lovely Swampy” you moron, and make sure you order more, I just had the last Lithium and the last Xanax this morning” Rev. IwishpeoplewouldpaymoreattentiontomeRev. IwontacceptI’mgay”The Grifter Mr. Griffin his insanity, opprobrium and ignorance “Top National Salesperson for John Hancock” with an aeronautical engineering degree would end up where he is at (is he really an aeronautical engineer as Ms. Fleischhaker pointed out a while back?) and his previous employers, I am sure that this crazy attitude of his is not new and played a role in his career.

The Grifter is right, KARIN IS NOT LOVELY !!!!!  This marks the first time that I can recall The Grifter has told the Continuing on the subject of the “Grotesque One”.  I had to think long and hard on weather my Super Human Stomach could handle the task of magnifying the picture of the unpalatable cretins.Unsure, (and with a trash can by my side) I magnified them and observations were made. My Super Human eyesight was drawn first to the middle of the photograph

BIRTH CERTIFICATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna see it, I gotta see it. No way that face is a woman’s from birth. No Way. Take away the black moo moo and replace it with jeans,a flannel shirt, a tool belt and a pipe wrench (the hat can stay) and that’s the guy who was fixing my plumbing a year ago. Look at those vise grip hands on the repugnant one. I mean that ring has to be at least a size 18. Come on Griffy, was Karin really Keith not so long ago? Again, BIRTH CERTIFICATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I will not see the certificate but the question is out there and it along with The Troll are the elephants in the room. So again Griffy I will echo your words. “Karin (Keith) is not lovely”. However, “it” would make a half decent lookin man and that’s being generous.. Lois is calling. The newly acquired “registered” kangaroo needs its bottle. Up, up and away !!!!

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