Another Very Experienced Applicant for Greene’s old position which Harry Davis is handling now

It is my opinion that the Town of White Springs Gang of Three and Stacy Tebo were hoping that no one would apply for the Water / Wastewater position.  This in turn is because we had various applicants with NO experience on a single page who if they really were looking for a job like Bryar Burnham would not just list where he worked with no other information and definitely with no experience.

It is believed that the Town hoped to hire Andrew Greene back.  If no experienced people would apply, that would be a shoe in and in fact similar paperwork for each of the non experienced people provided shows that Pam Tomlinson or Stacy Tebo put in false applicants just to get Greene back.

But you will note that we had two qualified people who applied previously and now we have another who has a higher classification than Andrew did.  Plus it is obvious from Harry Davis’s handling, the Job Andrew had for boo-koo bucks and an Fire Emergency SUV with credit cards shows we have paid far to much for Andrew.  Harry Davis works approximately two hours a day and doesn’t require benefits, etc. as an Independent Contractor so it proves Andrew was definitely a waste of Town Money and is being paid off for his loyalty to Rhett Bullard and Stacy Tebo.

The new applicant is BRIAN E. MEATON and he provided a great resume:


Practical Experience

12-2012  – present   Americore – TMG Environmental, 637 S. Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL 32094  including telephone number and contact

Title:  Project & Operations Manager


Waterworks systems management and operations; personnel management, division and / or departmental budgeting and procurement; CIP / MILCOB assaessment, planning and project management; served as Point-of-Contact and/or Operator-of-Record for any BOSC managed potable-water, domestic-wastewater, industrial-pre-treatment, storm-water, or reclaimed water systems; academic research for environmentally funded projects (e.g., federal, state or local); oversee facilities maintenance management, via asset management, CMOM and CMMS based systems.



01-2011 – 12-2012  City of Tucson – Tucson, AZ, 4401 S. TucsonEstates Parkway, Tucson, AZ  85735  including telephone number and contact.

Title:  Water Quality & perations Superintendent


Management and operations of the city’s 180 MGD potable water systems and their 30 MOD water-reuse system:  personnel management for 38-42 employees, departmental budgeting and financial planning, water quality management for compliance purposes, participate in planning teams for divisional projects (e.g. O & M and CIP) served as the city’s Operator-of-Record for both waterworks systems; oversee facilities maintenance management, via asset management CMOM and CMS based systems.




04-2003-01-2001  Americore – TMG Environmental, Melbourne FL 32904


Title:  Project Manager / Environmental Engineer


Waterworks systems management and operations, personnel management, divisional and/or departmental financial/budgeting; CIP/ MILCON assessment, planning and project management; served as Point-of-Contact and / or Operator of-Record for any / all BOSC managed potable-water domestic-wastewater, industrial-pre-treatment, storm-water, and/or reclaimed water systems; academic research for environmentally funded projects (e.g.; Federal, state or local)


06-1993-04-2003  City of Petersburg – St. Petersburg Florida, 1635 3rd Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL 33701  includes telephone and contact information

Title:  Water Reclamation Facilities Supervisor


Management, process control, operations, and environmental quality control at any of the City’s (4) 20.0 MGD water reclamation facilities; personnel management; analytical laboratory analysis; coordination and submission of monitoring compliance reports; oversee facilities’ maintenance management, via asset management, CMOM and CMMS based systems.



Academic Experience

2003-2006   University of South Florida, St. Petersburg Florida

BS, Environmental Science and Policy


Professional Licensure

Florida Department of Environmental Protection (Class A) Drinking Water Treatment Operator

Florida Department of Environmental Protection (Class-A) Domestic Wastewater Treatment Operator


Professional Affiliation:

Alpha Pi Mu

American Water Works Association

Florida Water Pollution Control & Operators Association

University of South Florida Alumni

Water Environmental Association.


Now the Town has received THREE Experienced Water/Wastewater Operators with far more experience than Andrew Greene but I am certain they will do anything to make certain any and all experienced operators are given mis-information or bad information so that they rescind their applications because this Town needs Andrew.  Just a little clue to Rhett Bullard.  We have already advised the USDA about the Emergency Fire SUV situation and Andrew Greene’s personal usage and the USDA is not one bit happy about the situation.   And the USDA actually called Joe back on the situation so we will see what transpires.  If they are not happy about the SUV what are the chances for the new Fire Engine when we don’t have a fire department?

And about Rhett Bullard’s statement about our fire Department being voluntary and we can’t expect them to come to every call….Why is it that Genoa responds to every call in White Springs?  Genoa is a Volunteer Fire Department as well.  So Rhett Bullard, all you are do is protecting Steve Stith and your boy, Andrew Greene.  What a disappointment you have been to the Town of White Springs.  You virtually are ruining everything.

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