Another little bit of money WASTED on a boondoggle so Spencer Lofty can look good….

Recently the town held a movie night `for Black History Month at the old SHE auditorium. The date was the 9th of February.  While I didn’t attend I have it from reliable sources that there were approximately 8 guests in attendance.

The town is hiding how much the School Board wanted for the Rental of the Auditorium. Perhaps it was free but I don’t think so with the Insurance, etc. required to be met. BUT the Movie itself was rented for a cost of $285.00 for a Widescreen DVD. If my source was right and only 8 people came, including Spencer Lofty, the average cost was $36.00 per viewer.

While it was not too expensive this event shows what is wrong with White Springs in general and Spencer Lofty in particular.  He wants to do all of these things for “his people” while none, repeat none really care. The town would have been better off to rent 8 copies of the movie, which was in the RED BOX at the Walgreen’s store on 90 of a dollar each and given it to  280 households to view at their pleasure. But no Spencer has to show he is doing something for HIS PEOPLE even though no one showed up. More people showed up for the President’s Day Breakfast, including his People. The movie was a waste of money. I hope it didn’t come out of the LOFT funds.

When will we, as a town, stop this wholesale wasting of money so that Spencer can “look good” to his people. I wonder how many people would have gone to town hall and picked up the DVD of the Butler to watch at their own homes on their own DVR’s


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