Another comment on the Hutcherson case

We sent in an ethics complaint to the Commission on Ethics; however, the Commission dismissed it for the reason that “Management” can handle employee affairs as they see fit or make policies as they see fit, in so many other words.

We cannot allow Pam Tomlinson or Stacy Tebo make such decisions which are not set in policy and therefore this is another Reason that the Town Council needs to make a policy regarding how much time an employee will be paid by the Town when they are unable to work.  However, some of these other scenarios have been sent to the FBI office because the way it is now it stinks of Public Corruption.

We haven’t heard from the Commission on Ethics regarding Andrew Greene being allowed to use the Fire SUV for his personal usage, nor the fact that no council approval was given in the Anita Rivers case and we have included depositions from Tebo to show what kind of manager White Springs has.   Just to be safe, however, the FBI has some of this information as well.

There is a crackdown on drugs on the Feds side and it is ridiculous to see Rhett and his antics when he is high on cocaine and Stacy Tebo being rude and in an ozone layer because of her opioid drug problem.  The personnel policy also prohibits drug use in the Workplace so perhaps so called “Management” allows drugs as well….or will we have a policy some day, councilors who are not on drugs?

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