I changed out the pump on the last day of the recent warm spell. The new pump now is hooked up to  my above ground pool. I lost about half of the water in my pool changing out the pump and hooking  up new piping and such. I went to fill my pool again, about 1300 gallons. The pool was crystal clear when we started. after the pool was filled the whole pool turned GREEN with alga  The only thing we put in the pool as it was “getting settled in” was two packets of chlorine mixed with stabilizer. The pool turned GREEN. The water quality, even after draining the drinking water pipes, was a abysmal. We have quit using town water for drinking or in fool preparation. We use distilled water that we buy at WalMart for those human needs. It is classic that Andrew spent 10 years telling us that the water quality was good only to find, with absolute proof, that alga permeates the town’s water supply . I say good riddance to the Child Bride. If we could only get his play buddies, sexual and otherwise, to quit also maybe the town would be better off. It can’t get much worse.

Town Hall doesn’t use town water for drinking, they all drink, including Walter and Rhett, expensive bottle water. I vote that all council members and town staff drink White Springs water as a show of belief in Andrew’s incompetence. If we require most people to drink town water then the Council and Staff should do the same, ALGE and all. No wonder so many people get Cancer with the water supply so tainted.

I welcome Harry Davis to come and test my pool water, if he has the courage.

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