Additions to the Bologna of the February 15th meeting

When Faith in Action, a Non-profit formulated by Mr. Arthur Natteal was discussed, it was stated that some of the equipment which was in the De Legal building (owned by the Forest Service) had been cleaned up by Shonda Werts.  Also there was clothing and the like which the clothing is being given to those in need.  Again since we are uncertain whether the Old Jail building was Leased to Mr. Natteal or given to him by Councilman Bullard, as a friend, since the building is a public building, it is necessary to secure the lease agreement and the inventory of which was purchased through the Donor Fund associated with Helen Miller’s benefactor for the children’s programs which we no longer have.  This was never approved by the Council even though there have been instances where we have been removed from meetings.

When Tom Moore reported on the economic development meeting it was stated that the Energy through Duke Power is not keeping up with the Town’s needs.  There is an insufficient infrastructure for electrical and it was stated in order to get a transformer in a specific area it would cost $2,000.


Tom Moore would like for the Town to budget for an “Honor Board” for the Veterans Park encased possibly in fiberglass. We have over 100 veterans in White Springs and with that many names it would cost the Town approximately $2,000.    I would suggest that if anyone may have other suggestions such as painting all the names on a board, as the Council and Manager is painted on a sign, perhaps that could be considered and you could contact Tom Moore with your ideas.

Manager Tebo reported on behalf of Ms. Bullard relative to the Azalea Festival which will be held March 15th and 16th.  On the 15th there will be a “Taste of White Springs”, with the 16th including various bands, a 5 K Walk, a Pancake Breakfast by the Fire Department, and a duck race.  It was stated that there would be more vendors this year.

Again the committee in my opinion is not including items which bring the community together, including those outside of the community.  There will be no swap meet; there will be no bids on bachelors or bacheloretts,  No bidding for baked goods; or other contests and no simple games for adults from horseshoes to hoops for kids and other simplistic items with prizes.

The White Springs Facebook needs to be revamped from Admin at White Springs.  Ms. Tebo stated it was done in that manner because a first and last name needed to be inputted; but from my knowledge the City of Argyle MN had no problem placing it’s city’s name as some companies have done as well.  Nevertheless, the Town is being assisted by Lisa McNeil- McDaniel from White Springs who will assist in revamping the Town’s site.


At the hearing Ms. Baker from Jordan and Associates showed up to answer any inquiries the council may have in choosing a contractor for the Wastewater Revitalization project.  Another female contractor also bid on the project but was not in attendance.  Since she was considered a Minority Contract, she started with a three point advantage.  After the Councilors marked their point score sheets, Jordan and Associates were awarded the project based upon a total of 489 points as compared to the Minority Contractors of 431.   Jordan and Associates also were awarded the contract for building our fire station and Walter McKenzie stated not only did Jordan and Associates do well with projects in White Springs but the fact that Ms. Baker showed up to answer questions was a selling point.


Remember when Tiffany Brown was promised $250 by Spencer Lofton, well at the meeting when Leroy Byrden requested assistance in the form of funds to assist with the food at the May Day festival, it was found that the money did not come from Spencer Lofton but from the Town itself.  So much for acting like a big shot with someone else’s money.

Normally the food costs are $700 approximately, so Rhett Bullard decided on behalf of the Town to provide $500 out of a fund the Town had consisting of $5000 after the $250 to Brown and now the $500 for the May Day Festival.


The May day festival also requires two flatbeds from the County in order to have a Stage for May day and asked the Town to assist in that endeavor.  Mr.  Byrden also mentioned a 50 and older softball team, which sounds like fun.

Rhett Bullard said the Town would partner with the May Day Festival as the Town has done in the past;  And, like always he said that way the May Day festival is under the Town’s General Liability.  Every year since Rhett Bullard has been with the power of three, I have mentioned that a Special Event Policy/ a Tulip policy or whatever insurance companies name their products is necessary.   If the two festivals “May Day” and the “Azalea Festival” are not listed as exposures under the General Liability Policy, that means they are not covered.  We even contacted Mr. Kahn at the Florida League of Cities about this situation last year, and of course, Rhett Bullard said it’s covered as if he is an insurance expert.

Nevertheless, I would suggest Ms. Tebo checks the exposures covered under the Town’s General Liability policy, whether listed on the policy itself or on the annual application to determine what exposures are included.  Now we have a “Road and Street” department instead of a “Public Utility” department as is depicted in the Charter.  The charter needs to change such to “Street and Road” if Public utility is not to be used in the future.  Ms. Tebo needs to see whether the Public Utility exposure is covered under the General Liability and furthermore we know the Excavator is not “Street and Road” but if there is road and street building, there is a special classification for that including having the exposure covered under the General Liability which I am uncertain that classification may actually be included under the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust.  I know Rhett believes what he believes whether there is any factual information to back it up; so hopefully Ms. Tebo may be able to handle the matter.

Also, at last night’s meeting, it may be mentioned that Mayor Lofton stated it is not in his pay grade to be involved in leases when Councilwoman Miller inquired about the Natteal lease of the Old Jail.  Yet, even before he was elected last year, he was busy working on the SHE lease.  So apparently working with the School Board on an attempt to lease SHE is not above his pay grade, but securing lease information in writing as Councilwoman Miller requested from a friend of Rhett Bullard’s is not in his pay grade.  Funny how that happens.  With this council, everything is selective and we have heard the numerous lies to go with it.


Executive Director Jennifer Anchors of the United Way of Suwannee Valley gave a presentation at the meeting regarding donations for the National appeal.  Any donations given are used in the tri County area and you may make a specific selection of a Charity in lieu of donating money to all charities.   Such donations through a business are usually by each employee deciding the amount in which they have a payroll deduction made.  Also individuals may just give a one time donation.  What I did not know is that United Way assists with Federal and State Grants for the Homeless as providing Mental Health access.

When asked about the Charities chosen under United Way, we were told that Volunteers scrutinize the various not for profit charities and review each financial statement to assure that a valid charity is receiving money.  This is so unlike Spencer Lofton and Tonja Brown’s friend Be Faithful, who provided no financial statements, would not adhere to how the donor wished the funds to be used and when receiving only $10,000 of the $13,000 requested under a GRANT (which never guarantees you will receive what you ask for), the Town instead of asking for ms Be Faithful’s financial statements, or requesting the listing of children from White Springs who were allowed to attend the sessions, and not following the proposed budget which was suggested, Rhett Bullard and Spencer Lofton decided to pay $3,000 of the Town’s public money to give it to Be Faithful.  Then they blamed Miller and threatened her again as they always do, when the Donor also gave Be Faithful $3,000 because he wished for her to never call him again….so Be Faithful was $6000 richer and probably did not serve the Children of White Springs.

We have also learned that Spencer Lofton doesn’t wish poor white kids to attend any of the programs given and feels the programs if any should be provided to Black children Only.  It is similar to Tonja Brown’s last campaign where she showed photos of white and black faces and asked if people preferred four blacks and one white (Rhett Bullard) or if they preferred three White and two Blacks.  What a group of racist friends.

Karin for the Blog


P.S.  From the changes to the Charter, Joe was told that the “Deputy Clerk” position was removed by the Council because of an inability by the Council to afford another individual to be hired.  We can afford Legal Expenses; We can afford paying someone for Two years for not working; We can hire an employee for Ray Vaughn who lied about his experience and abilities on his application when  we have a wonderful man like Curtis working for the Town but we can’t afford a Deputy Clerk….who unfortunately for Pam Tomlinson would learn how badly Pam Tomlinson is doing her job between smoke breaks per the “Watches” Deep Throat.




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