The RHATT Pack Watch Day 291

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 291


Today is Sunday, February 10th, Day 291 of the RHATT Pack Watch


When The Lapdog was considered for the position of  the Town’s Executive
Mindless Tanja stated Tebow shouldn’t be hired because the situation could be repetitive
If the Lapdog sued DeBary, she definitely could sue the Town of White Springs
And that was the only decisive statement ever expressed by  Tanja alone which gave some wide grins


Unfortunately being rather stupid, she’s not particularly good at conveying brilliance
She flails around doing things she thinks smart people do feeling she has resilience
Once she realized The Lapdog “Just keep Paying me”, resided near a Town Mindless once lived
Mindless felt adopting the Lapdog’s tastes and opinions, a friendship she could not be deprived


 Sometimes less intelligent people try show off their smarts by making corrections
Since  Tanja doesn’t understand what most people say, she’s unable to go in those directions
So feeling the Lapdog has a plethora of useful factoids in place
Mindless will learn to impress people with the wisdom she gains with the Lapdog interface


Unfortunately Mindless in the company of Officials at meetings employs silence mostly
As a simple trick used by the intellectually feeble who are attempting to look smartly
But don’t fool yourself, the world has no shortage of foolish loudmouths and Mindless is one
When she’s not at a meeting telling everyone what they must do and she feels it’s a home run


They say ignorance occurs when one realizes at some level of consciousness
Where they know their beliefs are false but with Mindless she is conscious less
With Mindless it is easier to be willfully ignorant and self deceptive
Because she does not have the resources to correct her course and not that perceptive


Mindless Tonja at one time even voted against the New Dollar General Store
But now that it is there, she must enjoy all the various goods she can explore
She is so vain and ignorant that she really believes she is outperforming everyone
And so she sits in the Lapdogs office for hours shooting the breeze with good suggestions none


So why is it that the Lapdog does not consider Tanja’s intrusions to be interference?
When councilwoman Miller’s asking for a check and for help was considered an encumbrance
Tanja misused her public position when she directed White Springs Code Enforcement Davis
To Cite a mobile home Park for violations of the  Zoning code even with all the help he gave us
Yet when it came to Councilwoman Miller, even making a suggestion
She is considered as intervening in Town business which the Lapdog considers contention
So Tanja got her way and made certain Officer Davis was removed as a policeman
When he had taken a leave for his baby’s birth with no wrongdoing except by the threesome


Mindless also was one of the first to jump on the idea of demolishing the Carver School
And she made certain Nicole Williams would lose the election by using “Cousin” Pam as a tool
Mindless worked hard to follow the Ratt’s  decision to remove the Councilwoman from her seat
By making poorly made motions of Malfeasance which certainly was not discrete


For Mindless follows the Ratt and the Gang of Three with no decisions made on her own
And she didn’t  understand what Malfeasance Meant which some day she will have to atone
The “Gang of Thugs” only know how to Cheat and Lie
And unfortunately Mindless has no sense of her own to see she was wrong in her mind’s eye



She has a love interest in good ole Mayor Lofty
And her intentions are seen by most as quite awfully
So she follows everything he wishes to do
Including having the Town pay Befaithful for what was not due


You can always judge a person by who they hang out with
And with Mindless Tanja it is easy to see that extortionists and cheaters are her fit
She easily decided that your Town Money of $3000 should be paid to the UnFaithful
Even though it was a grant and the donor also sent their $3000 which made it shameful


She states she reads the Charter faithfully every night before going to bed
But with her lack of intelligence and her inability to understand does she know what she’s read?
Forget the fact that she certainly has no idea of Finance or Accounting
And feels it is right to steal money from the Citizens not realize she is drowning


She agrees with the Ratt on the Local Option Fuel Tax being a slush fund
By agreeing to spend it on anything but streets and roads but thinks she understands codes
We remember when she took over the meeting for Mayor Lofty
Not only did she not understand procedure but her reading was done awfully


She has to sound out her words and gets confused with the order of business
But she’s proud she did so well without an education even though she can’t read minutes
And spoke to your children at the Hamilton Elementary School
Saying how unimportant schooling is from her point of view


She agreed to use Loft Funds to pay the Lapdog’s non-contracted attorney
And even though it was 136 days after the audit was done, she didn’t consider the matter contrary
It was $13,879 dollars which was stolen from the LOFT fund
Which Attorney Koberlein previously said for the Lapdog it should not be done



Vice Mayor Mindless it appears is incapable of understanding State and Federal Laws
Nor has she even read the Personal Policies of the Town and her understanding of the Charter shows flaws.
She made certain that an employee who could not work was paid for two years
But she followed the Lapdog and Cousin Pam because she has no understanding of the laws we hold dear


She has placed herself on the Special Events Committee because she thinks she has a lot to add
But seriously, our events have gone downward since she and the Ratt’s Sister have done so bad
The have no innovative ideas and would certainly not take other’s suggestions
Because both are so ignorant that they believe they know it all and go their own directions


Mindless  with the help of the Lapdog took away all after school activities from your little munchkins
And she doesn’t want a summer program and would rather place your kids in dungeons


So what’s the rumor we now hear, that the Red-face Ratt found a way for Mindless to make money
She’s taking care of three children, but they are so important, NOT, that she took a cruise, which is funny.
The last time Mindless ran for re-election of her White Springs Town Council seat
Her own people said they did not like her and would not be voting for her which was Sweet


But either the Ratt bribed the voters or Cousin Pam changed the votes
Even though the majority voted for Tom Moore, he lost to Tanja who the “Gang” promotes
So when Mindless campaigns for herself, the only thing she can do is badmouth someone else.
The reason is Tanja has never done anything to help the Town or anyone else


After all most of you may have noticed that Tonja is a number one racist
With her election leaflet which showed “Black faces” versus “White faces”
She didn’t even have the appropriate disclaimers on that campaign sheet
But “Cousin”  Pam would never put Mindless in the hot seat
She takes her Vice Mayor position seriously when it comes to telling the May Day committee what to do
And she and the Lapdog attend meetings not being honest to the May Day Committee too
They try to sway all of the people to their way of thinking
And got angry when Anita Rivers wrote the truth on the facebook that there was some stinking


And of Course, Mindless and the Lapdog hated Ms. Rivers
Because Ms. Rivers knew she had rights and to the Commission she delivers
But Mindless and the Lapdog are equally ignorant of how others should be treated
And accordingly they will go after anyone who does not fully agree with and will not be defeated


Mindless “Splain it to me” Tanja is one of the most racist people in Town
But conversely, with the Lapdog and the Ratt she will take the same people she fought for down
As we have found out, Tanja does not have a mind of her own
And a great Puppet for the Lapdog and the Ratt she is known


Don’t vote for Mindless “Splain it to me Tanja or the Red Face Ratt.  They have continually lied to you and have stolen and embezzled your money while letting the Town of White Springs deteriorate.   It’s day 291 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!


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