119 for all already produced Legal Research on Loft Non-restrictive uses.

That says you can use LOFT Taxes in a non-restricted manner in the General Account. I am NOT looking for any new legal research as I have it on good authority that you, your client, your bookkeeper and your CEO have already done the research and concluded that you have such a document or series of documents. I have 2 State Statutes and four AGO Opinions that say that the money from a LOFT distribution must be placed in a restricted fund in the General Fund. Such restriction is that the Loft funds must be used for transportation only (streets, etc.) WE know that the town doesn’t have any restricted fund for LOFT Funds per Pam. To make that statement she must have a good reason to believe it is so.
But there apparently is NO Paperwork from the CPA which says that such an activity is legal not that a CPA or even Karen’s Opinion trumps a State Statute or even an AGO opinion. We know there is no paperwork from the CPA because I have asked for it over a month ago and no documents have been produced. In fact there is no acknowledgement that the request was ever received.
Again, I am not asking for new legal research but only existing research that the town or any of its agents (Pam, Stacy and especially Hatton) have already in their possession. I want a copy of all research already completed by any of the authorities including Ken Daniels and Pam, Stacy and especially Hatton.
Thank you. Do not send me any new legal research. I am not asking for new legal research. I want, only want, all existing research that the town or any of the three of public agencies mentioned has used to justify the non-restrictive uses of a Loft Distribution.
This is a valid 119 Request with explanation. Please treat as such IAW Florida Statute 119.

Thank you

Joe Griffin
Citizen Activist

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