Andrew will be leaving town employment at the end of the month. Who says that there isn’t a God in Heaven.

Why he is leaving is still a mystery but this Blog will find out as soon as possible. There are two reasons that jump to mind.

  • Andrew and the Lap Dog Drug addicted Stacy obviously know that the FBI agents are coming to town and Andrew, because of a variety of reasons from fraud, to concealing evidence, to exclusive use of a public owned asset (the SUV of the Fire Department) didn’t feel like he could stand the scrutiny of a real law enforcement agency.
  • The State Ethics Board may have investigated the misuse of that vehicle due to an Ethics Complaint filed by this publication’s editors last February. Such use is against the State Ethics Law (112.313) if the Ethics Committee chose to investigate the misappropriation of government assets.
  • A combination of the two.

Andrew has never had a  job except as a dishwasher from which he got fired from except for White Springs. It is assumed that he and his mentor Steve Stith got together and decided it was time for Andrew to go. He probably is going to work for Century Ambulance which Stith is the local manager of. Having to use his own vehicle to get back and forth from work and the gas and to keep the truck maintained will be a hardship on the Child Bride.

Without Andrew there can Stith be far behind? I’ve asked for the names of all volunteer fire department personnel who live within 5 miles of White Springs which Stith said at the last Council meeting in response to McKenzie’s question. Stith said there were four of them which is a lie.

A crack in the wall of the Public Corruption which is White Springs. There is a God in  Heaven and Rats don’t swim toward sinking ships. Andrew is one of the Rhatt’s favorite play toys.


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