You were right! There apparently is something nefarious about Sigmeister’s resignation

In today’s Lake City Reporter, the headline read “Ex-State Attorney Siegmeister under investigation by the Feds.  Federal Grand Jury has been convened in Jax for months.”

Apparently Sigmeister has been under investigation by Federal law enforcement agents since at least May in accordance with the Lake City Reporter.  Siegmeister’s wife Janie Siegmeister, told the Reporter that Federal Agents came to their home in Live Oak, Florida last spring to speak with him. She told the Reporter in a written statement, “As a citizen, I hope to see this matter resolved in a way that restores dignity to the office of State Attorney of the Third Judicial Circuit and the people it serves.  Jeff Siegmeister filed for divorce in December.

His attorney, Bobi J. Frank of Gainesville released a statement that Sigmeister was “retiring” from his post due to a failed marriage of 13 years.  Yet in the December 20 Lake City Reporter, Jamie Siegmeister rebutted that claim, stating she was appalled that their divorce is being used as an excuse for Jeff’s unexpected retirement.  She hopes that he provides a more satisfactory statement in the days to come because the Third Circuit deserves a proper answer she told the reporter.

The Times-Union said Lake City attorney Travis Koon told them he “cannot confirm or deny” if he had spoken with investigators or been subpoenaed.  He said he represented his clients ethically during Siegmeister’s tenure.

Third Circuit States Attorney David Phelps stated “I have been briefed on absolutely nothing.  To be honest, I do not know what is going on.”

One day we will find out the truth, but in the meantime, for the full facts, purchase the Lake City Reporter and read the article by Robert Bridges.




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