You remember the Watch advising the Town hired an alleged drug dealer?

As I mentioned previously in an article, it is sad to see so many young people still become angry at us because of the color of our skin.  They are still living on the premises that they are still being treated like slaves by even White people like us. Yet what I found out makes me angry because the one thing I cannot stand is when People Lie to me or about me or Joe.

You will recall in the “Watch” BJ was listed as the Drug Dealer who the Town Hired to mow grass so they would have a connection at Town Hall.  I do not know if Brian is or is not, but I can tell you he is a full blown liar.

In 2014, Joe decided to hook up our pole barn to electricity so we would have additional lighting. We hired the Town’s Kenny Hutcherson to dig a ditch between our residence and the pole barn, at which time Kenny also had to uproot a water oak root.   After Jim Smith made all the electrical connections, it was necessary that, of course, the ditch with its electrical cords, be covered with dirt.  Joe was told to hire BJ because BJ needed some cash.  So we did, but it started to rain and BJ could only complete a very small portion of pushing the dirt back into the hole.  For the approximate ½ hour BJ actually worked (and I say that with pause), Joe advanced him money so that BJ would come back and complete the work the next non rain day.


What happened is that BJ never returned but sent someone else over to cover the ditch.  Knowing we paid money in advance to BJ who did not have the courtesy to come back but rather sent one of his “slaves”, I told the individual that I would handle it and sent him on his merry way. I worked for a day shoveling dirt in to the ditch and packing the  dirt down and the Smiths felt I had done a tremendous job.


Then BJ on facebook started bragging to Joe that he had dug the ditch; Joe refuted it; then BJ said he filled the ditch; Joe refuted it.  Then I told Joe he had better tell BJ the truth that BJ did less than 10% of filling in the ditch and was paid money in advance but never completed the work.  I was the one that filled and packed in the ditch.  Joe did and BJ deleted him as a friend.


It is funny because although we had candles one-day expressed for the vigil in White Springs which nearly cost us $200 because we were not advised until last minute that there was a crisis, the lady to whom we gave the candles to and for whom we provided a commemorative candle in remembrance, plus food for a party at Toms, dared to tell BJ that because we hire Blacks mainly (because they ask for work) that we treat people like slaves and that we are as bad as slave owners.  Well if BJ lied to her and others because he had some hallucinations of some kind of grandeur, no wonder the lady stated that to us.    Well it is nice to know that we are being lied about because it means we will not have to hire him or his friends for jobs such as $45 for washing our jeep at our house (for which I am capable); or $40 for helping our contractors who built up our porch or etc. etc. for possibly 15 minutes to hold something up.  


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