You don’t know what you are talking about if you believe what Tommie is saying

The Rhatt Watch confirmed it….Yvonne Bryant is now considered a “Cousin” of the Ratt.  And, what people have rumored, is apparently true.  Yvonne is the one Tommie Jones said Bullied him.   If you do not believe that Jones is a First Degree liar, this definitely should be a clue…a strong clue.


Here we have this really sweet Lady who always greets everyone who comes in the door.   She is as helpful as anyone I have ever known.  She would never bully anyone, she keeps things to herself and she even has protected those she works for and I don’t think she even has bullying and a radical note in her personality.   Somebody tell me if she has ever insulted or not helped you.  I don’t think any one of you can tell me that except for those that believe Lying Tommie.


Frankly she is super nice and helpful and she never makes one feel badly but treats everyone equally to my knowledge.   Even if Tommie had not lied about Joe and I, I still would not believe this of Yvonne. And why on earth did he talk about his problems?  If he truly was such a good manager as he said he was, he would have kept what he thought to himself until he had a chance to have a CONSIDERATE conversation with Yvonne privately.  What he is doing is WRONG!


So I do not know what the reason could possibly be or what type of agenda Tommie is working toward but to say such horrid things about Yvonne, of all people, is beyond the pale.


I do not care what the Rhatt Watch and certain councilpersons are saying.   Just because Jones is African American does not make him a good manager, AND IT BECOMES MORE OBVIOUS EVERY TIME HE OPENS HIS MOUTH.  And all of the accolades  everyone is giving him are frankly those that should be going to others, who actually are doing something other than complaining that they have to work more than four hours.  A real manager would work longer hours initially if they cared about the Town or wished to get things caught up so that it was easier later.  All it seems to me is that Jones only cares about his bottom line and that is sad indeed.  But that is the Town’s demise and if they wish to allow good people to be hurt for what they have not done, the time will come when each official will be sorry for their decisions.   We all were told BeFaithful was that good until she wasn’t.


And frankly why would he want someone to go through paperwork another manager handled? He should be interested enough in reading it himself.  Take the time, shut the door and start reading. .  After all, Mayor Helen Miller appears to be doing the majority of his job by suggesting (rather telling him) what he should do, when and how. At least I can say, Stacy actually did what she did by herself until Rhett started dictating what she was to do.

We have engineers and grant writers who are doing most of the work not Tommie Jones. And who is finding the accounting problems?; Mr. Whitehead, not Tommie Jones. And think about this; will you?   Yvonne many times when Stacy was gone, just like in Anita’s case, has to run the office.  Many times Pam was not there either, so who handles the office problems? Anita prior and Yvonne today. And when Jones gets his temporary staff member in and he only works his four hours, who do you think will have to explain things to the temporary worker.  Certainly not Jones, but Yvonne will have to help her or possibly Mrs. Brazil.  He is too good for that because he is the Town Manager and does not believe in real work only show, tell and complain.  It is all disgusting to me.


So we are to get a temporary person to go through paperwork because Tommie can’t do it on his own to see what a prior Manager did.  Isn’t he capable of it or is he too lazy?   Does he feel he is too important to find out who he should be dealing with?  He did not even figure out who Phil Bishop represented at the January 14th meeting.  What a joke.

If Mayor Miller doesn’t hold his hands, he will fail.  In fact he bragged so much about how he was going to change the computer system so it was more secure, because he was the great computer whiz.  But wait, Mayor Miller saved him from eminent embarrassment by bringing in TrueChoice because I do not believe for a minute he is that good.  I say this because most Managers know what they are doing, are satisfied with their results, especially if they can resolve problems and help the bottom line and they certainly do not have to brag.  Others will do that if one is good at what they do. Bragging is for the principals when the bottom line improves but for the most part, Tommie only knows how to spend. If you make your boss or the Council look good, you have done your job as a Manager.


Most likely from herein, Mayor Miller will be assisting him further and covering up any mistakes Jones makes so she and the other Council Members do not look bad for hiring such a liar who can’t do the job he was hired for.   I can handle a lot of things but don’t lie to me.  I may hurt because of the truth, but I would rather hear it than lies.  But what you are doing to this very nice lady is Morally wrong.  She is not the type of person Tommie described and she certainly has been doing a fine job prior to and after his being hired so  the problem has  to be him.


Get your blinders off councilors and look at what is really happening. And if you keep believing his lies without investigating the situation for yourselves, you are in a world of denial.


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