Yes, Greene tried to go after Joe for a first degree misdemeanor but didn’t understand the law – It only applies to information given by the Town

Joseph Andrew Greene on February 3, 2018 filed an offense Report against Joe Griffin charging him with Public Order Crimes which is a first degree Misdemeanor for any person violating Public Records Laws


Andrew Greene, a firefighter reported to me, Pearsall Fouraker, that Joe Griffin had published his and his wife’s name and residental address on the White Springs Journal / White Springs news website.  I logged on to the website and observed that the address even provided a link to a map showing where Greene’s home was.  Greene stated that he wanted his information removed according to the guidelines of the 119 Statute.


Pearsall Fouraker met with Griffin at his home the next day.  I told him that Greene requested the information to be removed and I asked where he obtained the information.  He stated that he got it from a loyal reader of the blog and that he would not be able to find out who it was even by doing a search on his website.  He stated that he forgot that the information was not supposed to be on there.  He later stated that he could publish what was public knowledge but it was a crime for an agency to give it out.  He stated that iit is common knowledge that Greene and his wife are firefighters, so him putting the names on the blog was not anything that was not public knowledge.  He said that he had copied and pasted the address from the loyal reader.  He stated it would take him approximately 20 nminutes to take it off the page and he would take it off.  He also stated that Greene could sue whomever gave him the information, if he had gotten it through an agency.  Griffin corrected Officer Fouraker how the statute read when I mentioned the inffor mation was not supposed to have been on his site.  He stated he had a copy of the statute if I wanted to read it myself.  He reiterated that he was allowed to publish the information.  He also wanted to clarify with me if Greene was the same person that had taken the fire truck to Tampa (a complaint he addressed in his blog).  In his conversation, he called Greene derogatory names.  See Griffin’s attached statement.  “Information came from a reader, we just edit and pasted it to the blog”


I checked the website later and Griffin had removed the information.  Att the present time, no criminal violation was observed.

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