Why are the officials staff and others in White Springs so immoral?

What is really amazing to me is that almost every official who ;has been elected to White Springs or those who they hire are corrupt.  Even the bond bailsmen, other Town Officials, Lawyers and the Board of County Commissioners know how corrupt White Springs is.  The problem, however, is that no one wishes to do anything about it for political reasons or because they don’t wish to rock the boat.  But we have a problem White Springs and since Rhett Bullard has been elected to office and keeps ignorant people who have dark egos like Spencer Lofton and Tonja Brown as his gang in office, there is no hope.


Even our Police Department is void of working for the law but only do what Rhett Bullard tells them to do.  Recently they did not assist a woman, after the woman left several calls of theft; When the Sheriff’s office showed up, the deputy stated the Sheriff’s department knows that the WSPD will not help the people of White Springs and suggested that if we have problems to call the Sheriff”s department.  Did I mention that Tracy Rodriquenz, the party girl, is worthless as a Police Chief. Since Chief Brookins left, we have not had a real police department. She continually lies and protects all the crooks while going after honest decent people.

What kind of reputation is that?  Everyone knows the Town is dirty, invested in drugs and brothels.  When you go into the office near Pam’s desk there is the distinct smell of marijuana, as if she needs it as mental as she seems to be.  As for Stacy Tebo we know that she is on opioids which surely are not prescription drugs.  She keeps securing so called grants that call for the Town’s investment and has waited so long some items like the wastewater treatment revitalization are going to cost the White Springs people millions of dollars.  If Lofton gets his way with S.H.E. we probably are going to have to spend some $5 million dollars and Stacy will keep doing what she does without knowing finance and accounting. And Rhett will keep these ignorant people because they look up to him while the rest of us know he is a liar and most people in town have expressed he is  a gay pervert.  This Town can’t afford it and if the Town is investigated for its misuse of LOFT funds, we are technically bankrupt because there is no more money that can be squeezed from the backs of the Workers or the Aged of White Springs.

I cannot believe that we have kept people like Pam all of these years but the officials who have remained in place, including Walter McKenzie have done nothing to try and make things better.  Because they are so afraid of being unseated from the Council, they ask no questions or stress what needs to be done.  Only one councilor in all of this time has put the fight to the Table and she was removed once. Why can’t councilors protect the citizens and keep their fiduciary interests in tact?  Why is their need for what they feel is important only to them and their big egos, better than serving the citizens who voted them in?

Pam knows she embezzled Town Money when she said, after I complained that Kenny was paid for two years because he was unable to work, “Well he had cancer”.  Well other people get sick and it is not up to Pam Stacy or Rhett to decide who is favored to get paid with Town Tax Money.  Furthermore she knew Robert Townsend was allegedly raping prisoners and others but she overlooked that even though it was brought up to a meeting relative to what he did to children in the 1990’s arrest.  Even Mayor McKire, whose relatives now run the brothel in town, said “He may be a pedophile, but he is our pedophile”.  She also so loved Andrew and I don’t know who is going to help her with her computer problems now.  She’ll have to learn to add by herself.  And everyone knows what a liar Andrew Was and then he pretends to be so nice.  No wonder Pam liked him because she is exactly like him.  What is wrong with this picture?  If Pam ever had a child who was sexually molested, she would maybe understand but I do not think she cares about anyone but pretends for those who Rhett wishes taken care of.   This whole Town seems to be immoral and then many spend hours in Church?  Do you Think God will forgive you for all of your continual sins?  I truly believe that if you do not get rid of bad karma or treat people well in this lifetime, you will come down again and get a dose of what you have given people in a past life.  That will be your purgatory, but maybe if you understand how immoral you are, in time your soul will heal.


Why do the people of White Springs keep voting for crooks who bring in employees who cannot do their jobs in the first place.  There is no responsibility.  There is no real supervision and there is no one who can realize that our Budget cannot be inflated any longer.  But these officials don’t care and the people they hire are from out of town and they don’t care.  Frankly, maybe you like these people running things but I am really tired about the inefficiency, the fraud, the embezzlement, the misspending, the pedophilia, the drugs, the brothels and all the other disgusting things which are done to the Children of White Springs.  It is time you got these people out and it is time you realize that since Rhett has been mayor and now has appointed Lofton as mayor, the Town has gone down the sinkhole.


Karin for the blog

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