White Springs has no policy that employees need to be civil to citizens.

Have you ever looked into the personnel manual of White Springs?  What is interesting is that there is nothing in the manual that tells an employee that they have to be considerate to any Citizen of White Springs, and they are not.


On page 2 it states to assure fair treatment of applicants and employees…but that has never happened especially how nasty Pam Tomlinson was to Anita Rivers.  The Town Manager not only allowed this discrimination and harassment by Pam, but joined in to attack Anita Rivers some more including finally finding some kind of excuse to be rid of.  However, neither Tomlinson or Tebo follow the rulings relating to drugs.  How nice.  White Springs is the most corrupt town around.

Citizens are supposed to be important; after all tax money into the general fund and utility bills go to the Town to pay the employees salaries.  But the personnel policy stipulates the employee has to listen only to the Members of Council, Council Appointees and Contractual Employees and of course their supervisors.  There is nothing which states the Town Employees have to do anything or even be considerate to the Citizens of White Springs, and they definitely are not.

There is only something under 3. Examples of Other illegal or Improper Harassment whereby Derogatory, critical or uncomplimentary jokes, comments,displays, posters, other written material……are often unwelcome and hurtful to others and can be illegal.  Such actions have no place in the work environment at the Town and will not be tolerated.

I really don’t however believe this would apply to citizens.  Like I said there is no policy in the Town of White Springs that states Citizens are to be treated fairly in any manner.  The only problem the Town can’t get past are the Sunshine Laws and Statute 119.  There are laws and rules, but even when a complaint went in about Tomlinson, because she is such an old lady with a bad disposition who knows where all the bodies are buried, the assistant to Jeff Sigmeister essentially dropped it and admitted she did to Judge Scaff.  That was when we had to go to court because of Stacy’s lies.  But let’s face the fact, we are used to all the liars in this town and it would be a shock if any of the Administration or officials ever told the truth.  We have been on our own for a long time and have been persecuted because of the lies of these people so I guess, your turn may be coming.  They don’t care about any of you either.  It is just that we present the truth on the blog and Poor Pam and Poor Stacy can’t stand it.

Those who call others names really need to look in the mirror.  I am glad I took after Pam in my 5 minutes about how badly she treated Anita.  We old folks can handle it but what she did to Anita along with her inefficient druggie boss is beyond the pale.


Pam, seriously you need to check for a mental disorder.  Stacy is just mental because she is a druggie along with Rhett Bullard.


Karin for the blog

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