What you may not know is that there is a move afoot to give Suwannee Street a second name. If completed Suwannee Street will be named for White Springs longest employee Kenny Hutcherson. Kenny did a great job at his Public Works manager position. At the January Council meeting all sang his praises. I only had one opportunity to interact with Kenny except at May Day when Karin and I donated money to Kenny to help feed the crowd.

Our neighbors Mike and Lola had the root structure of a long gone old oak tree that was taking up approximately 20% of their back yard. The root structure prohibited them from planting any flowers or plants in that portion of his backyard. I rented Kenny and the backhoe for an hour and put him to work. He handled the back hoe like a Stradivarius violin player.  He moved the 30 square foot root structure around like it was a play toy. Then he dug a large hole and turned the root structure over and buried it. You can see his handiwork by looking at the NW Corner of Mill and Kendrick and see what Earl Varnes’ wife, Pam, has done with the lot. It adds much to the neighborhood.

Kenny was truly an asset to the town. He knew where all of the pipes were buried. One negative thing about Kenny is that he drew a paycheck from the Town for approximately two years and he didn’t work a lick because of his illness. For those keeping score that was approximately $150,000 for which we got no reimbursement. If we had those funds today we could build the hurricane proof shelter and name it Kenny Hutcherson’s community center. But NO Pam and Stacy decided to continue paying Kenny just like he was working for almost two years.

That leads us to the next street name I would like changed or added to. Bridge Street from Suwannee to Town Hall should be renamed Pam Tomlinson Way. The Street is in mightily need of repair and can hardly support the traffic gong north or south on Bridge Street. It is an eyesore to the community. We could of fixed it with the money we wasted out of the LOFT Funds but we chose to waste the money on a hundred small projects, like paying Kenny not to work. After all she, Pam, was singularly responsible for the wasting of almost a half million dollars in pet projects. The LOFT money was to go to streets and roads not paying someone, no matter how worthy, to not work. No the Bridge Street from the intersection of Suwannee Street to town hall should be renamed Pam Tomlinson Way in honor of the wasted money. After all she has been an employee of the town for neigh on 25 years and done a piss poor job all  of those years. At least Kenny, when he was healthy, was very competent in his job.

And that is my take on the matter and the wasted taxpayer funds by Pam Tomlinson.









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