What will Rhett do to pay off his Boy Toy who is leaving?

What do you think Rhett Bullard will do to assure that his buddy Andrew Greene will have a vehicle.  Right now Andrew has used the Red SUV Fire Emergency Vehicle as his personal vehicle with Credit Cards.  Do you think Rhett Bullard will sell the Red SUV Fire Emergency Vehicle to Andrew for a few bucks as a going away gift.

I am so sick of Rhett’s shenanigans that I could up-chuck.  I never knew there could be such evil, such disgusting qualities in a human being or such lawlessness, especially from one who supposedly took an oath to be an attorney as well as being a Town official.  He lies about everything and he has done nothing about either the conditions of White Springs relative to police, firefighters, street and road infrastructure, or providing opportunities for the citizens of this town.  I can’t believe he has destroyed White Springs and the relationships between the citizens in the few years he has been in office, but he has, including letting drug dealers sell on every corner of this town to keep him and the Town manager fulfilled with drug distribution.


Now I know what White Trash really is.  It took me to come to the South to find out.


Karin for the blog.

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