What we want for the people residing east of Mill which the “Gang” of three don’t care about doing

Money, money and what it can buy for the “Cousins” of Rhett Bullard has been the “Gang’s” main concern:

We have asked for a pedestrian crossing across Highway 41 in the area of the Willie Guy Turner Park and the Dollar General Store.  Those Children and Parents with small children that attempt to cross are one day going to be hit by a car or truck.  It is sad that they have to virtually “run” across Highway 41; but of course the Local Option Fuel Taxes that are to pay for such a crossing are used for salaries and legal fees and whatever else the town wants, but nothing, nothing will be done for the people.

The Roads to the residences in that area, have much to be desired.  The Town Gang of Three promises Pie in the Sky things, but what is necessary is some assistance with the roadways, so that White Springs doesn’t look like a third world country on one part of Town.


The Gang and the Town Manager did not see fit to place lighting in that area of Town by stretching the lighting so that the East side would be lit.   The Town needs more lighting on streets to assure the safety of children and others who have to be out at night.  They took away the wood splitter that Helen Miller secured through her benefactor and now fortunately Louie Goodin, Hamilton County Coordinator, provided the Millers with his personal splitter which Ed Miller and Richard Tennis have repaired and are continuing to provide wood to the people Bullard, Lofton and Brown have forgotten.

The Gang of Three has also damaged every program available to assist in after school activities or Summer Activities for the Children.  Clarence Strong had to ask permission from the Council for assisting in “Baseball Camp” for which the Town besides Miller (who thanked him)should be thanking him rather than Mr. Strong having to thank the Gang for doing nothing to assist.  Currently since the Town won’t assist, Dr. Helen Miller is working on something outside of the town where the children may be assisted.  After all, Mayor Lofton is a racist who believes in segregation and that White Children may not be included in School programs with Black Children.  I thought segregation was over a long time ago.  We are now equals thanks to the Republicans who fought for you throughout the years.  Don’t believe me, check your history books.


Even Brown agreed that it would be nice to assist the Seniors in some way.  I have suggested many times over that with the exception of someone renting the women’s club for specific events, the Women’s center should be open for all those who wish to have a place to go to daily.  Food could be offered and served by volunteers and the Elderly could enjoy the company of others, while playing cards, art and music, dancing, singing, watching television together and even having the elderly bring children in after school.  If the Town was so afraid of electricity being used, perhaps donations could be given by others or the elderly.  One elderly man when the pogonip arrived this year, froze in his home and said, why wouldn’t the people be allowed at the Community Center to keep warm since there should be a generator there?

So what’s a pogonip? In the mountains of the western United States, the fog condenses into tiny, biting ice particles in extremely cold weather. This is what happened to White Springs. The English-speaking settlers who encountered this unpleasant and sometimes scary phenomenon when they went out West in the 1800s needed a word for it. They borrowed “payinappih” (“cloud”) from Shoshone, altering it to “pogonip.”


Okay, the Town will have to keep charging higher sewer and water rates, which Jasper is now considering because we must pay 20% of the Revitalization of the Sewer System and Wastewater Facility.  But as of now, because the Town has not saved money from the time this increase was made, we have to borrow over $750,000.  But it is necessary so you do not have feces mixed in with the aquifer and we are not certain what chemicals are placed in the water to eliminate such contamination.  This is for your health but the “Gang” would rather use the money for their friends and relatives so we have to absorb the loans they have taken out, and pay for these loans a very steep price.  Most of us buy water for water dispensers, or bottled water.  The small plastic bottles may not healthy in the event they become warm and give off chemicals but it is healthier than some of the species and bacterium which may be in our water system.


The Swap Meets where the entire town seemed to enjoy one Saturday at the Hardware Store has disappeared because of Stacy Tebo and Rhett Bullard’s sister doesn’t really care about putting on activities for the people of White Springs where segregation doesn’t occur.  The Bullards like segregation because that is what is happening.  So, when the veterans came together for a meal, black and white, what was served but watered down spaghetti. For some of us who would be willing to donate or put on a great meal, we cant do it for two reasons; some of us are not allowed to be volunteers and secondly, the Bullards don’t care to ask people who could actually put on a great spread.  The Churches do better than what is done for our veterans.

When Dr. Miller put on events for the “Beautiful Dreamer” she went the extra mile to assist the African American Community and to show how much they are appreciated.  So what happened at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration?  Well, the Chicken wasn’t ordered or the other supplies, so some of the initial volunteers had to make chicken and rice at the last minute so there was something to provide.  Three tables were empty at the Center and Richard Marshall who was supposed to speak, changed his plans and as a result Spencer Lofton spoke who in my estimation provides very little in the way of history but pie in the sky stories.  Why aren’t the African American people deserving of a wonderful meal once a year?  And why aren’t the veterans Black and White honored?  This Town doesn’t care about any of you and we understand the winner of the “Beautiful Dreamer Award” didn’t show up to the Woman’s Center for the celebration.

And have you ever looked at the Azalea Festival or the May Day Festival, since the Bullards have taken over?  There are less and less vendors, because unlike the old days when Tom Moore and others were in Charge, the attendance has dwindled down to nothing, causing the Town to pay more than what is received.  The Town should set money aside  to provide activities which do not segregate people.  It isn’t just that Whites won’t end up attending May Day Festivals or Blacks, the Azalea Festival but it is obvious, no oone who attended before since the Bullards have taken over wish to attend either anymore and we certainly do not get out of Town people.

We need more opportunities for all people of White Springs to enjoy…not just segregated ideas where it looks like our Special Event Committee really does not care to cater to the people but does it begrudgingly.  Why not try things where we can celebrate together with fun things not caring what color of anyone’s skin we have and look at what each of us has to offerWe are all the same and should be able to enjoy each others company and stories.  White Springs Special Events committee since the Bullards have taken over is a sad sad situation or which many would say “Sucks Big Time”  Al that is provided for children is a trailer with electronic games.  Why not introduce children to the way it was with games and activities whether a sack race or other activities where prizes are given.  We should welcome children instead of putting them aside to play on electronic video games but to join others.

Karin Griffin

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