What a real Town Manager Does for which Tebo is highly deficient

This information was provided as a generalized statement of What to look for in a Town Manager.  However, in the case of Stacy Tebo we know she does not have these qualities nor the experience of a Town Manager.  Although she made $70,000 as a Town Clerk/HR person in DeBary before the positions were taken away, in White Springs it appears she does far less work as a Manager than she did in DeBary as a Clerk.  As a result this medium wage certainly does not fit the bill, not only because White Springs is so small a town but the fact that Tebo does not fit the title of Town Manager.

This is what the internet stated a Town Manager should be – Median salary $70,000


A town manager typically serves a community in the same kind of supervisory role as a mayor. In the case of a town manager, however, this is a position normally that is either appointed or hired rather than elected. In any event, the town manager will work with city officials in a variety of departments and help manage services to residents while working within the constraints of a budget. A town manager may be selected from a city council or group of aldermen, or he or she may simply be brought in by one of these groups.

Nature of Work

This is responsible leadership work as administrative head of the Town. The Manager is under the direction of the Board of Selectmen. Performance must be in accordance with the Maine Statutes and local ordinances.
Employee of this class is responsible for the achievement of tangible results through people. Work involves a certain degree of urgency to produce and will require firm dealing with people to achieve results. Work involves planning, budget making, problem solving and organizing with the authority to make decisions as well as delegate to others. The work environment is relatively unpredictable and requires the ability to manage many projects at once. Although governed by policies, the Manager must frequently act without precedent.
Examples of Work (Illustrative Only)

Maintains the administrative organization of the Town to ensure efficiency of operation.
Oversees the accounting of all monies of the Town.
Makes monthly reports to Board of Selectmen pertaining to the financial status of the Town.
Annually prepares a proposed budget and work program for the Town.
Prepares an annual report of the previous year’s activities for presentation to the Board of Selectmen and citizens of Wilton.
Appoints, with Board of Selectmen approval, all department heads and supervises their performance on a day-to-day basis.
As the personnel officer for the Town, is directly involved in the hiring, evaluating, promoting, and disciplining of employees or establishes procedures for others to follow in such matters.
Recommends an annual salary schedule for the Town employees for Board of Selectmen consideration.
Identifies service and policy needs  and brings to the attention of the Board of Selectmen with recommendations for action.
Maintains a sound public relations posture between the Town and its citizens, the press, and other federal, state and local governmental agencies.
Coordinates departmental activities, and set attainable goals for all municipal departments.
Act as purchasing agent for all municipal departments, and oversees the bid process on major purchases.
Maintains contact with public by handling suggestions, complaints and information requests.
Carries out the directives of the Board of Selectmen.
Attends meetings of the Board of Selectmen, preparing its agendas, providing supporting documents and information pertinent to agenda items.
Attends various meetings on behalf of the Town.
Prepares federal and State grant requests and administers grant programs.
Enforces municipal and State codes.
Interacts with numerous municipal committees as needed.
Performs related work as required.

Requirements of Work

Thorough knowledge of municipal management and community problems.Thorough understanding of administrative organization, design, and evaluation.

Thorough knowledge of financial administration and the design of financial accounting and reporting system.

Thorough knowledge of the theory and practice of public personnel administration.

Thorough knowledge of municipal government programs and decision-making processes.

Working knowledge of State and federal programs.

Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.

Ability to listen to others.

Possess conflict resolution skills.

Ability to direct and supervise others and to delegate.

Ability to organize and use time effectively.

Ability to give and accept constructive criticism.

Knowledge of sewer operations and road maintenance.

Employee must be goal-minded and possess a self-starting drive to get things done, frequently through other people.

Employee must be able to react quickly to changing situations which may be physically taxing.

Employee must be positive and direct in striving to achieve results, but must at times be able to motivate others to act through persuasiveness and the generation of enthusiasm.

Ability to act independently and without precedent in the face of problems.


Desirable Experience and Training


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