Trump stops the shutdown but requires a bi-partisan committee to talk to boarder patrol

Trump And Democrats Reach Shutdown Deal, And It’s Not Good News


President Donald Trump announced from the White House Rose Garden that he has agreed to short-term deal that will temporarily reopen the federal government.

While addressing the nation, the president said he has agreed to sign a continuing resolution to fund the government through February 15.

As part of the deal, the roughly 800,000 federal government employees will receive back pay for missing their previous paycheck and will be paid this week, as well.

The deal does not include any upfront money for the border wall, but the president said he will declare a national emergency — which would allocate billions of dollars for the border wall — if Democrats do not agree to a deal in three weeks.

Trump announced a bipartisan congressional committee to review border patrol requests for security and asked them to create a compromise deal.

“They will put together a homeland security package for me to shortly sign into law,” Trump said, again urging both parties to work together to solve the problems at the border.

“Walls should not be controversial,” Trump said, adding that the steel barrier will have cutting-edge technology, monitors, and sensors to “stop illicit flows of drugs and illegal immigrants.”

The president also called for hiring more Border Patrol agents and getting more resources at ports of entry to ensure drugs are not being smuggled into the nation.

“temporarily reopened. I’m still holding my breath for wall.” Trump pouted. Live: ‘We have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government’ 

Trump announces deal to reopen the government through February 15

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Trump also thanked Border Patrol and ICE agents for working so hard during the shutdown to secure the nation and border.

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The president said he is optimistic that both parties will come together over the next three weeks to reach a landmark deal to fund the wall and secure the border.

While the liberal media is running wild with headlines claiming that Trump “caved,” many view this as the president giving Democrats one more chance to reach a deal before he declares a national emergency.

On Thursday, Trump again called for bipartisanship and for Democratic leadership to negotiate a deal.

When asked about other options to fund the wall, Trump said: “I have other alternatives, if I have to. And I’ll use those alternatives if I have to. But we want to go through the system. We have to have a wall in this country. We have criminals pouring into our country.”

“And I’m not talking about the southern border. They don’t stay there. They go through and they permeate all throughout the country, including places like Wisconsin – a lot of different places. And that’s the problem,” he added.

Time will tell what happens next, but the federal government will be open for three weeks until the next deadline approaches.

That gives Trump and Democrats three weeks to reach a compromise on allocating at least $5 billion in wall funding — or Trump, as he said, will likely declare a national emergency.

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