Town to apply for a USDA Rural Development Grant for a new Fire Engine

The Grant application is through USDA Rural development and seeks the procurement of one equipped fire engine.

Background Discussion:

During the summer, staff worked with USDA-RD to develop a pre-application to request Community Facilities Program funding of $330,000 for a fire engine and associated legal expenses.  It was determined the Town was eligible for Community Facility Assistance and was invited to proceed with the full application to compete for program funds.  Funds are released to the states in the Spring and the state-wide allocation is not known in advance.

The Fire Department currently operates with a 1983 E-One Duplex Pumper and a 2009 Ford F-550 Brush Truck.  A new engine would drastically reduce the costs associated with repairs.  It would also allow the town to obtain additional points from ISO and it is very likely the rating would change to a 4, in our recent rating we were very close to obtaining a 4.


I, Karin, will mention that if we were close it was because of Kevin Pittman because with the non-existent fire Department we have now, it won’t be long if the ISO checks and we will have a Class 9.


As the Town has been granted the maximum allowance of federal assistance, the USDA Rural Development Grant would assume 75% of the total cost of the project, while the Town would be responsible for the remaining 25%.  This could be repaid in the form of a low-interest loan like the one the town recently paid off for the brush truck.   Our last payment was $9,416 and it was paid in September.  Depending on statewide allocation and competition, the Town could receive up to $247,500.  The Town’s responsibility would be $82,500.  During pre-application, the USDA-$D estimated the town’s yearly loan payment on the proposed engine to be $9,416.



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