At the meeting on January 10th Tommie Jerome Jones bitched and moaned that he was being harassed by a couple of Town Employees. Today I sent a voice mail message to Mr. Jones asking him who it was that was harassing’s him? Weak kneed sister that he is he has not returned my phone call as of this writing. The citizens should know of the staff shortcomings and problems that they might be causing. But Tommie says FU to me and every other citizen including Mayor Miller by not informing us of the allegedly harasser’s identity.

I got a bet for some stand-up citizen of the town. I’ll bet you $5.00 that there was not harassment of Mr. Jones by anybody. Mr. Jones, by history, screams discrimination at the drop of a hat. If he were any sort of town manager he would have solved this problem himself instead of crying and pleading with the council to solve the problem. That’s the way a strong town manager handled the problem, i.e. Stacy with Anita Rivers. But Tommie is not a strong town manager, not by a  long shot. And unless the allegedly guilty culprit is Yvonne then he is raising the racial flag again. No it didn’t happen. Yvonne, like Nikki before her bragged about having a Black Town Manager, even if he is a consultant and not a real town manager. NO it couldn’t be Yvonne. To think Yvonne would break down and cry over her alleged mistreatment by the Consultant is a joke, she is stronger that that.

What’s so wrong with full disclosure of town information I’d like to know. Mr. Jones obviously thinks differently. When asked to provide the nine sheets of paper that the auditor inspector printed up as our major problems Jones at first denied them until Mayor Miller told him he must provide them. For twenty some odd years the town has operated under the premise that citizens are not allowed t o know the workings of town hall. That includes Strong Town Managers and weak ones like Mr. Jones.

Mr. Jones is not strong enough to stand up to Mayor Miller and so therefore he should be replaced. Weak Mayor form of government just like we promised the Governor 23 years ago when we were again broke due to financial mismanagement. We owe it to the people and the council owes it to the people. Its up to the Council to pick a good town manager and then get out of the way and let them do their job. Mayor Miller and the rest of the Council should heed this warning. We’ve only had one in the 20 plus years I’ve been in town and the Council wouldn’t listen to him. Weak Mayor form of government. What’s the difference. In a strong mayor form of government is unlike the Cub Scouts. They have adult leadership unlike Walter, Tonja and Helen.








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