Today Jasper News Brings highlights of the top news of the year

Of course Jasper’s City Manager resigns among allegations is one of the news stories.  As I indicated on the blog what he committed was Aggravated Assault which one of his friends was rather irritated at me for at a council meeting.  But whether you all realize, it was the State’s Attorney that gave Mr. Charles Williams an option of being charged or resigning from his position in Jasper as Town Manager.

Of course there is the experienced Jasper City Clerk, Jennifer Hightower who was fired on August 13th following an investigation which I believe was one-sided because of the jealousies of councilors and others who worked with her.  Nevertheless with what happened to her based on the City violating the Whistle blower Statute and their retaliation against her will surely cost Jasper a bunch of money since she suffered greatly at the hands of Williams and Councilors who obviously did not realize how great she was for Jasper.  Of Course, it was the attorney firm Rhett Bullard suggested who was involved and just like that firm, with all the evidence against Tebo in the Rivers case, made Jennifer the guilty party just like Anita Rivers.

Of course Helen Miller again being voted in as Councilor by the citizens after Rhett Bullard, Tonja Brown and Willie Jefferson made certain they ousted her from her seat with their quasi judicial deciding in advance of the hearing was the 4th story.  What isn’t Rhett Bullard involved in when it comes to doing damage to good people who actually follow the law.  Bullard is still irritated that Helen Miller won the election over Willie Jefferson and he and now Mayor Lofton continually threaten Miller, yet hang out with extortionists like Befaithful who has had more bankruptcies and has taken more lawsuits than most people who have brains would not consider.   What a corrupt group of people Bullard leads.


Then we have the White Springs former Fire Chief Pittman who was asked to resign wich made Story Number 5.  What is sad is that Tebo complained that Pittman had an expired instructors certification and one firefighter was not certified.  Yet the Town’s charter nor any personnel manual or job description I know of makes a Fire Chief have an instructors certificate.  Heck, Steve Stith who was hired to protect Andrew Greene doesn’t even have a Firefighter I or Firefighter II Certification and Andrew barely could pass his certification, but Rhett Bullard needed to provide Greene a Fire SUV for Greene’s personal use, along with credit cards.  Whether this was because of Greene hiding evidence relating to Robert Townsend’s rape of inmates, or whether it was because of Rhett Bullard’s sexual proclivities, we don’t know but obviously the people of White Springs are paying for this extortion.

From my speeches of which the Jasper News Reporter was given copies, it is strange that they do not mention the fact that we do not have an actual Fire Department in White Springs and that the department after the firefighters under Pittman resigned no longer exists.  Yet the newspaper’s Jessie Box is too afraid to write anything which would hurt Rhett Bullard or Stacy Tebo and that is why we lost our former reporter who wrote the truth.


Superintendent Rex Mitchell’s improvements that brought forth grades to a “C” for the 2017-2018 year from a D was the 7th Story.  Our congratulations to Superintendent of Schools Rex Mitchell who has done much not only for the students but his commitment to the parents and other adults in the community.

The 8th Story related to Karen Williams who is the Executive Director of the Hamilton County Chamber of Commerce.  Knowing an abundance of how chambers are run, I feel sorry for Williams because Rhett Bullard also has his finger in the pot and as long as Bullard is involved this chamber will never evolve to 1/100% of what the Chamber and Economic Development of Ocala is and that is too bad.  Hamilton county needs Jobs but the Chamber has to do a robust sell and work with the Hamilton County Development Authority, which Rhett is involved with also as an attorney….which I am certain his aunt assisted with that appointment.  Without people who know what they are doing and go out  to try and bring businesses to Hamilton County neither the Chamber nor the HCDA will work to the extreme benefit of growing jobs and development in Hamilton County.  Karen did a nice job on her marketing and membership booklet, however, which is a major asset and again, she works very hard but Rhett only gives awards to his family and is not an asset to be involved in any operation which seeks growth.


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  1. No No lets get this right Andrew did not pass his firefighter training he was not passed he had to take his paperwork out of Chief Pittmans office an had to have a friends father sign it off not only for himself but his wife as well who most definitely did not pass the live fire training because she passed out not one but twice an she is a danger to anyone an everyone if she ever goes into a fire. Facts are Facts God help anyone that has to count on these two for help in a fire.

  2. Doesnt it anger you that reporting for the Jasper News is as biased as they come? I sent her a copy of “The Plight of Jasper” months ago and still have not received a reply or a correction. Jesse Box has lost any respect from me. She is clearly on the side of wrong as well.

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