This was our written warning to you at the prior election Rhett and Tonja ran but no one listened and now the Town is worse off than before



  • Rhett Bullard allowed our Town Manager to work a four day week in lieu of a five day plus work week without Council approval costing the citizens $11,000 for the first year.


  • Rhett Bullard allowed our Town Manager to breach her contract and the Town Charter by letting our Town Manager live in Orange City and commute to White Springs; without council approval. When Rhett Bullard was caught in a lie that our Town Manager had doctor’s appointments every Monday for a year, his face turned red, speaking frantically especially when he found he was being recorded.


  • The Florida Ethics committee stated that the complaint made against Rhett Bullard may indicate a possible violation of Section 112.313(6) but the Rudd Amendment did not allow the ethics committee to proceed because the complaint concerned internal managerial employment issues of the Town, better suited to be addressed by the Town Council or forums other than the Commission on Ethics. Since Rhett Bullard is in collusion with Council Woman Tonja Brown and Councilman Willie Jefferson, Bullard escaped any disciplinary actions.


  • Rhett Bullard and Tonja Brown do not consider the Children of White Springs a priority. Former Mayor Helen Miller and former Superintendent of Schools Tom Moffses secured the Department of Juvenile Justice Invest in Children funding which Rhett Bullard, Tonja Brown and Willie Jefferson along with our Town Manager delayed action and votes so that we lost our funding of some $60,000 for the after school program..


  • Two years prior when Rhett Bullard was running for office, he indicated to the council that the Sewer Bill had to be reduced by $5.00 a month. It was reduced because your vote is worth only $5.00 a month.


  • Joe Griffin provided a budget which Rhett Bullard and Tonja Brown ignored. The budget would have saved $100,000 so that the Citizen’s sewer rate could be reduced dramatically or it could have been used to make necessary repairs.  These two officials do not wish to reduce the sewer rate because they would prefer using thousands of dollars from the Sewer and Water Fund to have more money in the General Fund. 


  • Because some of our water pipes may contain asbestos per a former councilman, there needs to be sewer and water piping repairs. The Town was attempting to secure a $3,000,000 grant loan but the Town required $250,000 from the HCDA since they were unable to save money from the Sewer and Water account.  At the meeting Joe Griffin provided information on how prior money was squandered on projects that did not benefit all the citizens.  Griffin stated that the HCDA should provide the $250,000 with a condition that the Town should reduce the sewer rate.  One Board Member said White Springs did not have skin in the game.  Yet Rhett Bullard is the attorney for the HCDA and his aunt has provided money previously.  The HCDA only provided $25,000 the following year.  Our Sewer rate never was reduced, and with the Council using the high sewer rates in the general fund, the sewer and water repairs will not be done.


  • The Carver School is listed as a Historic Site in the State of Florida. Yet, even though the asbestos has been removed and the school could be renovated, Rhett Bullard, our Town Manager and Tonja Brown have set the Carver School up for demolition in an application to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity ( DEO) for a FFY 2016 Small Cities Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) of $600,000 in the neighborhood revitalization  categoryNone of the Published Notices stated that in order to build the Community Center, the Carver School would have to be demolished.


  • Rhett Bullard and Tonja Brown made certain the Citizens were not asked what their needs may be and the Citizen’s Advisory Task Force (CATF) meeting of 12/19/2016 as well as the first public hearing were advertised in the Gainesville Sun so there would be no public participation. The CATF nor the notice of Public Hearing stated a Community Center would be built if we received the Grant award.   The Second public hearing was advertised in the Lake City Reporter and indicated the specifications of a community center but DID NOT STATE THE CARVER SCHOOL WOULD HAVE TO BE DEMOLISHED It was intentional to not include the notices in the Jasper News, on the part of Rhett Bullard, Tonja Brown and Willie Jefferson to ascertain a community center would be built on the site of the Carver School.  This proves the Citizens have no voice, only the officials.


  • Ms Tonja Brown has never made a decision on her own but instead works in conjunction with Rhett Bullard and Willie Jefferson outside of the Sunshine Laws of the State of Florida (Not at meetings). Brown treats other Citizens poorly and will even fight for chairs and tables, treating the individual who rented the Community Center poorly. What has she done for you?.


  • Rhett Bullard feels no one has a constitutional right to state their grievances and follows only the laws which he feels are beneficial. Even though the Town Charter and the Town Attorney have stipulated Roberts’Rules of Order must be followed, Rhett chooses to ignore the Law.  When told that Complaints which pertain to the Law must be read in accord with Roberts’ Rules of Order, Rhett Bullard simply stated “You want us to admit we are not following the Law?”.  That  states an abundance about Rhett Bullard honesty and ethics.Lawyers holding public office assume legal responsibilities going beyond those of other citizens. A lawyer’s abuse of public office can suggest an inability to fulfill the professional role of attorney.”  This is in accordance with the Florida Bar.






You didn’t listen and now you have no fire department, a neutered police department which won’t help you; drug dealers on every corner, needles from drugs in the Willie Guy Park, Additional costs for the sewer water revitalization, giving favor to Andrew Greene allowing him to use an emergency car free with credit cards, misuse of over $700,000 LOFT funds so no streets or roads have been repaired; paying an employee for two years while he was unable to work plus medical; Allowing Steve Stith back as fire chief and he has no firefighters but lies that he has three in or near White Springs; Gives $3000 To BeFaithful the Extortionist who ruined any grant money coming from the Caulder Foundation; forfeited Helen Miller’s council seat with ridiculous accusations; Fired the best and Brightest Anita Rivers; Paid Attorneys to exonerate Stacy Tebo from discrimination charges even though she discriminated against Rivers and allowed Pam Tomlinson to bully Anita Rivers; Paid for Stacy Tebo’s Attorney so that she could attack Helen Miller in Hearings and in Court; Found out Stacy is a Drug Addict and she will do nothing for the Citizens; Rhett’s Sister does not honor Blacks nor veterans and treats their meals as if it is nothing special and neither deserve anything good; No longer have Childrens’ Programs when Lofton Stacy and Tonja made certain their Friend Befaithful caused sufficient problems for the Caulder Foundation which also paid Befaithful $3,000; Took away the log splitter and probably gave it to a Bullard Cousin even though it came from the Foundation; The Town did not wish to supply wood to the people nor provide programs for children so the Millers and Mr. Tennis secured a log splitter from Louie Goodin who was kind enough to supply us with his personal splitter, which Tennis and Miller fixed in order to provide wood to those who need it; No more Halloween Parties; No more great festivals and activities; The Town complains about Hamilton County’s Ambulance at the fire house, but if it is not there, it is obvious Steve Stith nor Andrew Greene would help anyone in the Black side of Town; They have wasted money by buying an Excavator; They did not promote Curtis who has worked for the Town for years, but hired a white lying flunkie whose application was a sham filled with lies plus we find that Rhett may be a pedophile and is on cocaine.

You didn’t believe us then but look what you voted in and there were still a great number of votes For Willie Jefferson who used yellow bonds from the Sheriff’s office so he did not have to pay a bail bondsman for getting his son out of jail and he used his law enforcement credentials to get favors.  What favors have any of these people done for you and as for their friend Arthur Natteal, he only goes where the money is.  We need law abiding honest people.

Are you still going to vote for this Trash?  Don’t vote for Rhett, Tonja or Willie because if you do, they will bankrupt the city and their actions are dividing this town Black against White which should never happen because we all bleed red and believe in the same God.  Stop this by voting for anyone except them.


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