This is one Benefit the Town should purchase for REAL LOCAL FIREFIGHTERS WHO ACTUALLY RESPOND


I pulled this ad from the Hartford because not only is this an amazing Company but they have the appropriate insurance for Firefighters whereas many Accident Policies may exclude police and fireman incidents:

This is something the Town should provide our volunteer firefighters as well as the low paid Chief, That is IF WE EVER HAVE A REAL FIRE DEPARTMENT OR KEVIN PITTMAN IS RETURNED AS CHIEF:  These firefighters place their lives on the line so we may be safe including those EMT’s whose hands you trust with your lives.  But our Town provides NO benefit to them or to their Families in the event of an accident.

Volunteer Firefighter & First Responder Insurance

What Is Volunteer Firefighter and First Responder Insurance?

Volunteer firefighter and first responder insurance helps volunteer firefighters, ambulance drivers, first aid and rescue squad members when they sustain a covered injury or illness during the course of performing their volunteer first responder duties.
Although they are not being paid for their services, volunteer firefighters and other first responders still put their lives in danger to help keep others safe. At The Hartford, we believe that in the event of an accident, these local heroes deserve insurance protection designed specifically for firefighters and first responders. Volunteer firefighter and first responder insurance from The Hartford offers some of the most essential coverages available including:
  • Income protection against loss of earnings if disabled

  • Indemnity for loss of life, limb, sight or hearing

  • Payment of medical care expenses for injuries and specified diseases

Who Is Eligible for The Hartford’s First Responder Insurance?

Most volunteer fire companies are eligible for volunteer firefighter and first responder insurance from The Hartford, subject to some state exceptions and approvals.
With firefighter blanket insurance from The Hartford, volunteer ambulance, first aid and rescue squads that are a part of a volunteer fire department may also be included under the department’s policy.
Squads not affiliated with an insured fire company may be insured as individual units. Benefits and rates are the same as those applicable to fire companies.

Who Is Covered Under The Hartford’s First Responder Insurance Policy?

Volunteer members of the fire company, including members who may receive a nominal fee as a retainer, and/or all volunteer members of volunteer ambulance, first aid and rescue squads not affiliated with a fire company are covered under a department’s volunteer firefighter and first responder insurance policy from The Hartford.
Likewise, all paid drivers or employees of the fire company who are regularly employed as full-time firefighters and/or all paid drivers or employees of volunteer ambulance, first aid and rescue squads not affiliated with a fire company are covered under the department’s policy from The Hartford.
Bystanders who are not members of the insured fire or first responder company or any other voluntary firefighter organization but are deputized in an emergency by the Chief or other official of the organization for an emergency are also covered. (NOT applicable where deputizing is not permitted by law).
Junior firefighters as well as members of the Firefighters Auxiliary are eligible for coverage.

When Are First Responders Covered Under The Hartford’s Insurance Policy?

Volunteer firefighters and first responders are covered under this insurance policy from The Hartford when they become accidentally injured, contract an illness or lose their lives while:
  • On duty

  • At a fire or fire drill

  • On an emergency call, or traveling to or returning from an emergency call

  • At a parade or at a test or trial of any fire-fighting or emergency apparatus

  • Participating in or attending as a volunteer member of the organization (but not as a paid driver or employee)

  • Riding in or on organization apparatus (including a private passenger automobile furnished by the organization for the transportation of the fire chief or other official of the organization)

  • While traveling to or returning from a fire drill, a parade or a test or trial of any fire-fighting apparatus

What Are Some Coverages Included With First Responder Insurance Policy?

The Hartford’s volunteer firefighter and first responder insurance includes some of the most important coverages sought by emergency volunteers. These include:
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) catastrophic loss benefit, which pays the principal sum for loss of life, hands, feet, eyes or hearing

  • Accelerated benefit, which allows the insured person to receive 50% of the accidental death and dismemberment catastrophic loss benefit or $50,000 (whichever is less) upon being diagnosed as having less than 12 months to live due to a covered injury.

  • Seatbelt coverage, which provides for a benefit to be paid if loss of life happens due to a covered seatbelt accident

  • Accident Medical Expense (AME), which pays the reasonable expenses incurred for medical care prescribed by a doctor for treatment of injuries sustained in a covered accident

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The Hartford® is The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries, including issuing company Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company. Home Office is Hartford, CT. All benefits are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. The policy underwritten by the issuing company listed above details exclusions, limitations, reduction of benefits and terms under which the policy may be continued in force or discontinued.

I am certain our Town has never provided our Firefighter Volunteers with any coverage and at one time, we LOST TWO FIREFIGHTERS while Andrew Greene watched and then called for assistance but it was too late.  These young men and women perform a dangerous job for your protection and the least this town could do is provide a benefit to a disabled firefighter,EMTs, etc or death benefits to the family but White Springs only thinks about lawyers and benefits for those who work there instead of covering the valuable assets they had.  What do we have now?  NOTHING

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