This is how the Gang decided to Pay Coker per Joe Griffin’s Complaint which was never heard


The question of an Ethics Complaint wasn’t about Helen at all. She has violated no Ethics Law of the State of Florida. The Ethics laws are in Florida Statute 112.313 and following. And Helen has not violated a single one of the rules. No, the Ethics Law that the town was going to bring up came from my Request for an Agenda Item.

Here is my Request. 29 August 2018 submitted

SUMMARY OF ITEM: The council in its wisdom decided to give to Mrs. BeFaithful Coker the sum of $3000.00 to make up for the short fall in her grant received from Helen’s benefactor. AT the meeting approving the expenditure of money from the town treasury Mayor Lofton said he had a contract to provide Mrs. Coker $13000. I have sought this document four times from the town and finally got, reportedly, every email that Spencer could have possibly read from saying he had an email that was the contract. There is no contract or pledge by any party to provide $13000 to Mrs. Coker’s foundation. Judging by all of the evidence I have received from the town today Mr. Lofton lied to the council and the town concerning this matter. Such falsehood caused Mr. Bullard to move to pay the $3000 and he (Bullard) Lofton and Brown voted to pay the money illegally to Mrs. Coker.

If this matter is not taken care of by the town sending me the e-mail that Spencer Lofton read from or the vote rescinded the Council has left me no choice but to file an Ethics complaint against Bullard, Lofton and Brown. (and now McKenzie)


Joe E. Griffin

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