Think about, aside from money, is Griffin the Trump of White Springs?

I HAVE ALWAYS FELT THAT Joe Griffin is the Donald J. Trump of White Springs in that Griffin has been been trying to clean the local swamp and like.  He doesn’t have Trump’s money but just like in the case of President Trump, the people here tend to ridicule and blame him even though he is working to make White Springs a Greater Place to live.  Even before Trump was elected into office, he felt the Nation should do specific things and that has not changed in spite of every Democrat attempting to get him out of office even before he was elected.

The Town of White Springs likewise had to do everything in their power to make certain Griffin was never elected because the officials and citizens apparently like the Town to be broke and do not care about the impending swamp which has done nothing for the people.  Joe Griffin’s suggestions of what is wrong with White Springs and how everything could be corrected only if our officials really took their oath of office seriously and did things for the people and not themselves, continually go nowhere, because these officials cannot admit they do not know what they are doing within the Law. They frankly hate the truth.

Griffin likewise has continually tried to clean the White Springs swamp from the time he has moved here, but unlike those who believed in President Trump, Joe has never been allowed to be elected into office so has had to do all of his work through the White Springs Journal.  And inch by inch some of these things are working; at least from the Legal Standpoint, lawmakers are agreeing that what White Springs has been doing is wrong, confirming that Joe Griffin has been correct all along.

Both men have high IQ’s and say what they believe without filters and are truthful to a fault, in spite of people calling them both liars.  Both men are spiritual with high morals but neither could be called “Alter Boys” because they are just like average people and both are trying to help the citizens, whether in the nation or in the hamlet of White Springs respectively. Both fight for the common people and want what is right.

I do not have Melania’s wonderful features or her graciousness, but we both stand steadfast for our husbands and what is right. We both wish the best for the people but will not tolerate what people have done to our husbands.

I am so pleased that the dominoes seem to be falling with respect to the many who have persecuted us for our beliefs that White Springs could be a much better place.  As I have always been told, nothing too good or too bad lasts for two long.

And White Springs needs to clean up its act because if they do not and the Councilors do not finally do what is right, there will no longer be a Town and the Griffins will not be to blame for that.


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