The Town never checks what their Contractors are really doing and even an individual has to check the reputation of a contractor before hiring him or her.

Some of the residents who have lived here in the last two decades will recall where new sewer pipes were  laid in the ground on Mill Street.  At the time, the pipes which were used had a smaller diameter than the rest of the piping in White Springs to save the Town Money.


Although that was not the problem of late, there was another defect that no one ever checked into.


Our neighbors across the street were having continual sewer problems and finally hired a plumber to fix the problem.  The plumber hired an excavator and found that the actual pipes were laid but there were no connections.  The city was called and Ray Vaughn connected the piping while the plumber watched making assurances that everything was connected correctly.  Jamie and Sharon’s residence’s piping was not connected and the neighbors next to them had a blockage in the piping from their residence.

While Sharon and Jamie went through considerable cost with the plumber and excavator work, the Town fixed the problem without billing them, which in this case the Town should not have billed them under the circumstances.  Since it was the Town’s fault that the piping had not been checked after the contractor laid the piping, even though a resident is responsible for connections from the main line to their home, this was a case of “Construction Defect” by the Contractor.  Hopefully when we have our sewer revitalization, someone from the Town of White Springs will assure that the contractor performs its job as they are required to do in their performance bond and contract. All this time waste was being drained into the aquifer.

If things are not bad enough, Sharon and Jamie hired a contractor to do some work on their house and although the Contractor was told not to raise the home or the mortar would crack and cause problems to the structure of the house, this Contractor did so.  Sharon had to walk in her home to find a hole in the floor and other damage so she had to contact a home builder to handle the project.  Not only did this contractor cause damage by not accepting the word of Sharon who had other contractors tell her that the house should not be raised, but he purchased all kinds of construction items from paint to insulation, which after 90 days could not be returned.  In fact a lady who offered to assist the contractor was not given the $300 Sharon gave to the contractor to give to the lady.  It appears people need to pay more and secure reputable professional contractors for repairs or one will suffer the consequences.


It may also be stated, that what defects are showing up at the Fire House which is only three years old needs to be repaired by the Contractor Jordan and Son.  If insulation is showing through cracks in the walls and the cement is cracking obviously the contractor did not know how many sacks to use to prevent the cracking in the floors.  Apparently the cheap way of doing it was decided upon in the contractor’s bid.  This is something the Town needs to handle by contacting the Contractor and having the Contractor fix their defective construction since they are solely responsible for the poor construction.


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