The Total Truth-Wait until Pam calls you names – She did to Rivers, called Joe a stupid stupid man.


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Pam is a rude bitch! She is allowed to talk to people like this because of her superiors. One day, she will get what she deserve along with the rest of them. That’s why she having health issues now and look like a dried up prune.

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Joe schmo
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Why don’t you post the entire thread? What did you send her? #fakenews


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Can someone say ethics complaint.

JOE’S RESPONSE:  I don’t have to give you the thread. If you are interested please get the comment or thread from Pam via 119 request. If you do that I will gladly with pleasure post it on the Blog in its entirety. Stand up for what you believe. Put your Big Boy or Girl pants on. For goodness sake have some courage. And no matter what I said to her, which you can find out from her, she cannot speak that way to a Citizen, or in this case multiple citizens. One wonders if you are a Pam lover or a Joe hater. Its time we get an audit done on Pam’s books, maybe that will shut their mouths and get involved in the Corruption or theft of $750,000 by Pam and Stacy.


Karin’s comments:  Some threads include over 150 e-mails.  However, in this specific request, Pam originally asked what e-mail Joe said she had not sent.  Mind you they keep a file on Joe at White Springs.  Joe, frustrated again, just said, you should know and look it up.  Well this is a hint so request the 119 and find out what the rest of us have to do.  This must be a Greene who wrote this….cowards and snakes.



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