The Sewage Spill Concern and the lack of full reporting

Hamilton County residents, officials share sewage spill concerns with legislators

 State Sen. Bill Montford (D-Tallahassee) and Rep. Chuck Brannan (R-Macclenny) attended Hamilton County’s legislative delegation hearing in Jasper as was previously noted on the blog.  One of the most serious issues of course, besides the misuse of Local Option Fuel Tax was the sewage spills from Georgia into Hamilton County.  Please check the Jasper News for the full story..

“Hamilton County residents and elected officials shared concerns over the ongoing wastewater spills from Valdosta, Ga., during the county’s legislative delegation hearing Jan. 16.

Montford said, as the Chair of the Environment and Natural Resources Committee, a report will be done on what the state of Florida can do to stop the spills.“Sorry doesn’t count too much when it gets into the rivers,” Montford said.

Jacqueline Mathis said her husband became gravely ill from the E. coli from their well water that was infected by wastewater sewage in the Withlacoochee River.  Ms. Mathis wept because she almost lost her husband because of the E. coli

Chris Mericle said wells that are miles from the river are also affected.“We need somebody that will make this a priority every day,” Mericle said. He also asked that the state find funding for water quality testing and water treatment for those who cannot afford it.“This is something we didn’t cause,” Mericle said.

Commissioner Josh Smith also echoed concerns about the wastewater spills.“We have begged for help for nine years,” Smith said.  However, Smith did not bring this before the delegation and Ms. Box may have received a statement from him.  Nine years is much too long when it involves human life.

Brannan said the state may have to consider a lawsuit due to the spills occurring in another state. He said he will look into the issue.“I hope you will move forward with the concerns you have heard here,” Smith said.

Dumping sewage into a river is a very bad method of handling wastewater and although the area which has been hit contends there are farm animals such as cattle grazing this in no way would cause the aquifer to have E.Coli.   Having lived on a farm with our own wells, we raised both beef cattle and milking cows and it is known that their cow-pies are not only dried out from the sun topically  but some people use these hard pieces for cow-pie throwing.  But human feces in a river is sad indeed for the water supply and anything coming out of that river or its tributaries is going to affect the food chain and human life.   If our Board of Commissioners have been working on this for nine years, it has gone far too long.  Now that Tom Moffses is working for the Hamilton County Board of Health, perhaps he can check into this matter as well as the State Testing of this Travesty so that when a Lawsuit comes up from Florida against the State of Georgia for polluting the aquifer and well water in Hamilton County, all the evidence and medical records from people will be there.  In my opinion, it seems like an Erin Brokovich .  Just because Valdosta does not have a wastewater plant and because that area contains no residents but essentially bare land on the Valdosta side of the river, does not make it less liable.  And if the State of Florida cannot sue the State of Georgia, some class action litigator needs to sue on behalf of each member of the class damaged.


It may be said, my transcript on the misuse of LOFT funds, to Representative Brannan and Senator Montford, never made the print because Jessie Box like my speech to the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners on our lack of a fire department and for Hamilton County to not change a thing on the agreement, was omitted.  Yet Senator Montford  who is on the Joint Legislative Audit Committee and Representative Brannan were not please to hear that a Town would take advantage of Department of Transportation funds. Although the Department of Revenue stated we should go to the media and/or the FBI, Senator Montford was against going to the media (but perhaps going to Jacksonville’s investigative TV reporters could possibly assist the people relative to the sewage spill).  We however, have gone to the FBI but because of now the Democratic Shutdown (Not a Trump Shutdown) by reason these Hippocrates refuse to negotiate and treat our President poorly because they will not assist us with the steel barriers the boarder patrol requires so they are not shot at, I don’t blame President Trump one iota for standing his ground.

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