The Same rules do not apply to Rhett Bullard but apply to the Citizens – as explained to the Ethics Commission

Rhett Bullard has attempted for some time to remove Helen B. Miller PhD from the White Springs Council by reason she would question items such as why we should buy Andrew Greene a new truck so that he can go to and from work to Gainesville to be with his fiancé” We only needed a pre-used vehicle for utility work. Dr. Miller further felt complaints should be heard and decided upon, in accordance with our Charter.   Furthermore, we are a Drug Free Workplace and White Springs’ office should remain a drug free zone.

Ms, Tebo had been fired by the City of DeBary.  She first filed an EEOC complaint against that city, then sued the City of Debary as well as her former manager Dan Parrott as soon as she accepted a position with White Springs.,The suit relates to  sexist remarks even though she herself has not been the recipient of these remarks.

It has been Ms. Tebo’s Intent to have her previous job back at DeBary and a settlement; however, thus far it does not appear favorable for her.  But because of the time she has required for meeting with attorneys, depositions and the like as well as going to her Orange City permanent home in Volusia County on Weekends, Ms. Tebo has taken a substantial amount of personal time off…such time not acceptable in accordance with our personnel manual and her contractual obligations..  In the first year alone, $11,000 was wasted due to the fact that Ms. Tebo took Friday’s off and did not return much before noon on Mondays.  When questioned, Rhett Bullard stated on her behalf that she had doctors’ appointments every Friday.

Since we have common problems, the City of DeBary and we share public records information.  And since both Ms. Tebo’s attorney and DeBary’s attorney were notified of Ms. Tebo’s drug use, this is what Ms. Tebo relayed under oath in her deposition in DeBary of August, 2017:

The attorney asked whether Stacy sought any psychiatric, psychological counseling related to the incident in this case, the incidents in this case? To which Stacy replied No.   When she was asked whether she was taking any medication, she said yes.  And the Attorney said “Are you taking any medication that might have affected your ability to recall testimony you’ve given here today and she said no. 

Yet instead of saying she is taking Percoset, she said she had been taking Xanax at the time she was terminated in DeBary and now she asked the doctor for Bupropion the generic name for Wellbutrin.  She has been going to three to four doctors whoever may see her on Saturdays.  Two are general practitioners and one is a gynecologist. 

The contributing factor of how our town office is run is by fear alone.   Rhett Bullard puts on a friendly face but wishes things his way and will do anything to be rid of someone and those are similarities of Stacy Tebo as well. Anyone who speaks to the wrong people, is not part of the group, or is super efficient and intelligent will not last long at Town Hall. Stacy Tebo may not be questioned which employees have stated under oath and she spends the majority of her time behind a closed office door, writing e-mails and working on her personal cases.

After the Rivers case was closed by Attorney Larkin, Anita Rivers’ employment with White Springs was terminated. Although special payment schedules are made for some of the citizens regarding utilities, Anita, even though she had paid the late fees, had not turned her water off.   Stacy Tebo called her a thief and fired her over $60.00. There were never any other warnings given to Ms. Rivers.  In this case also, there was no forewarning or a request for payment because the power of three and Ms. Tebo wished Anita removed.

The same rules do not apply to the power of three.  Rhett Bullard purchased a home he had previously rented from the Methodist Church in November of 2016.  The Water Utility Deposit of $300 is due for any change in ownership.  The only exception to not paying the $300 is if one purchases another home in White Springs and sells their existing home, then the $300 Deposit will move to the new home.  Rhett Bullard told Town Hall that the water transferred with the sale of the home to him by the Methodist Church.  However our Ordinance stipulates there may not be such a transfer so Rhett Bullard technically owes the Town $300 but because he is the Mayor and makes his own rules, the money will never be paid.  Deposits are never returned by the Town and should not be called “deposits” and Mr. Bullard probably knows this.


Evidence of this Summation was sent to the Commission on Ethics

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