The RHATT Pack Watch Day 640

Today is Sunday, January 26th, Day 640 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


Officially, the Red-Face Ratt has been out of the Town Council for three-quarters of a year, but he and his “Gang of Thugs” including members Sell-Out Willie, Mindless “Splain it to Me” Tanja, the illegal alien “Mini-Me Despot” Lofty, the “Out of Towner” Lapdog “Just keep paying me” Tebow, Wannabe “Side Show Man” Natteal, his two incompetent flunkies “Cousin Pam “The Ballot-box Stuffer” and Cousin Evonne “The Total Waste” , and of course Sister Ratt “The Pedophile Enabler” continue to try to destroy White Springs and its residents.  However, the Town Manager, Mayor and Council have been cleaning up one Rhatt Pack mess after another.  Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to do.

As everyone is aware, the Red-face Ratt is the County’s largest purchaser of illicit pharmaceuticals for party favors and to use at his sex orgies. And it was for this reason, the Ratt undertook his very first action that has been harmful to White Springs.  Specifically, this was the destruction of the White Springs Police Department.  He began by compromising the Police Chief and then relegating the neutered Police Department to traffic duty at the periphery of White Springs and the protection of his dealer network.  It should have been noted that when the Ratt began his spree of wanton destruction, White Springs, had, as it does have today, many competent officers in the Police Department.  Since the Police Chief allowed her integrity to be compromised, she has not been capable of leading an effective Police Department with these great officers.  OK, Town Manager, Mayor and Council, the time has come for you to clean up the inadequate Police Department mess.


Here’s a couple of items the Chief has let slide.

 Start with the underage youth who have come forward regarding the Ratt’s pedohilia and sex and drug parties.  The Chief brushed it off, returned evidence to the Ratt and tried to hush it up.  Come on Chief! 


And then there’s the network of drug dealers across White Springs.  They all supply the Ratt, so he bails them out when law enforcement, other than White Springs, arrests them.  And everyone in Town, including the Police Department, knows who they are.  Come on Chief!


And then there’s the Ratt’s “Out of Towner” Lapdog “Just keep paying me” Tebow opioid use while on Town Duty.  She confessed to the illicit drug use in a deposition.  What more do you wan’t?  Come on Chief!


And then there’s the waste, misuse and embezzlement of Town funds.  The Chief’s office was next to “Cousin” Pam for years.  She knew every Town Employee and whether they were working or not, she often signed Town Checks.  She saw, firsthand, the embezzlement of well over $200,000 and did nothing about it.  Even the family of the recipient admitted receiving the embezzled funds.  Come on Chief!


 And now there’s the Ratt’s ordered violation of Town ordinances, requiring the monthly transfer of Enterprise funds to the Wastewater Treatment repayment account.  Come on Chief! 


And then there’s the rip-off and cover-up by the Police Department of Rhatt Pack members knowingly purchasing stolen goods, when the thief gave them up.  Come on Chief!


 In fact, there’s fairly selective enforcement of a variety of ordinances and laws including unlicensed drivers, unregistered vehicles and so much more, depending on whether you are a Rhatt Pack insider or not.  Come on Chief! 


Oh yeah, there’s what appears to be a direct conflict of interest with your security business.  It appears that White Springs’ equipment is showing up at your non White Springs job site.  Come on Chief!  Or maybe it should be Come on Town Manager, Mayor and Council.  Do your jobs!  Clean this mess up.  White Springs deserves better.


The Ratt’s still up to his dirty tricks.  Even if the White Springs Police aren’t functioning, the FDLE and FBI are well aware of what the Ratt, and Cousins Tebow and Pam have done.  They know it’s onl a matter of time before they get fitted with their bracelets.


It’s Day 640 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t changed or gone away.  The Rhatt Pack Watch will continue!

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