The RHATT Pack Watch Day 628

Today is Tuesday, January 14th, Day 628 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.  The Red-Face Ratt hasn’t bee on the Town Council for 263 days and has been out of the Mayor’s office for 628 days, but he and his “Gang of Thugs” including members Sell-Out Willie, Mindless “Splain it to Me” Tanja, the illegal alien “Mini-Me Despot” Lofty, the “Out of Towner” Lapdog “Just keep paying me” Tebow, Wannabe “Side Show Man” Natteal, his two incompetent flunkies Cousin Pam “The Ballot-box Stuffer” and “The Total Waste” Cousin Evonne, and of course the Pedophile Enabler” Sister Ratt continue to try to destroy White Springs and its residents.  Fortunately for White Springs, the Town has a great Town Council, Mayor and Manager and they are far better at their jobs than the Rhatt Pack.

As the Watch has reported previously, the Rhatt Pack set land mines and launched bombs everywhere they could think of.  However, as each mine or bomb was uncovered, Town Manager Jones coolly and competently neutralized the Ratt’s mischief and then moved forward.  It’s been time-consuming and not without costs, but with the resolution of each threat, White Springs grows better and stronger.  When the Ratt lost his direct power, he had to rely surrogates to do his dirty work.  One by one, the Ratt’s Gang scum has been biting the dust.  Even “Pedophile Enabler” Sister Ratt resigned her “Special Events” position in TOTAL disgrace.  On her way out the door, the “Pedophile Enabler” in violation of Town ordinances tried to appoint her successor, Cousin Sonia, another flunky.  Didn’t work!

Not only has the Town Manager uncovered numerous landmine and bomb threats, he also identified gross incompetence by Cousin Pam “The Ballot Box Stuffer” and serious illicit activities ordered by the Ratt.  To begin with, Cousin Pam maintained bank accounts unknown to anyone except the Ratt.  She routinely moved Town funds into these accounts, some of which were used for legitimate purposes.  Some weren’t.   In addition, Cousin Pam was so far over her head, she didn’t know which way was up.  When she didn’t know what standard account procedures were required, she just made up her own procedure.  Sometimes, she even forgot what she made up, so she made up another new one.  None were consistent with General Accounting Practices.  The forensic accounting firm hired by the Town Manager has identified hundreds of mistakes and outright errors of standard procedures by incompetent Cousin Pam.  They are being fixed.

But what is even more interesting is what the Ratt ordered in violation of Town Ordinances. Back in 2001, White Springs entered into a contractual agreement with the US Department of Agriculture for Series A & B Bonds covering $ 738,500 plus interest.  Initially, this was intended to be a 10 year “loan” secured by the water and wastewater systems’ revenues.  Part of this financing agreement with USDA required White Springs to place 1/12th of the annual repayment into a dedicated sinking fund as required by Town Ordinance.   Instead he ordered that the funds be transferred to the General Fund and pilfered along with Local Option Fuel Tax (LOFT) revenues.  So in addition to nearly $750,000 of LOFT funds, the Ratt stole another $100,000 from the Town.  And, then, the Ratt had Cousin en cover-up his illegal activity.  All Cousin Ken ” The Cover -up Man” had to do was not randomly check to ensure all the transfers from the Enterprise account to the Sinking Fund account were made.  $850,000 of the Red=face Ratt’s theft and misuse were covered up by Cousin Ken.

The Ratt’s still up to his dirty tricks.  The FBI and Florida Division of Law Enforcement are well aware of what the Ratt and Cousins Tebow and Pam have done.  They know its only a matter of time before they get fitted with their bracelets.  And until he’s locked away, Protect your kids and report any Ratt trolling or grooming he’s involved with.  It’s Day 628 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t changed or gone away.  The Rhatt Pack Watch will continue.

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  1. 119 Request for BAnk Statements

    Joe Griffin
    8:24 PM (2 minutes ago)
    to White

    I want one copy of each of the Town’s bank statements as reported on the Blog, White Spring Journal, that were fraudulently opened by Pam. The story was written by a contributing author of the Ratt Watch,, an unknown person. The story was published on Wednesday 15 January 2020. If you need a copy of the story please advise. Or you can just look on the Blog and find it.. I only want the illegal bank accounts opened by Pam. I don’t need any of the legitimate accounts. Please tell me, in accordance with Florida Statute 119 and the Government in t he Sunshine Manual when I can expect delivery of these documents and the costs to receive these documents. According to the here to before viable and reliable source You have found these accounts in the last two months therefore hey shouldn’t be hard to find.

    I expect a rapid turn over of these document

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