The RHATT Pack Watch Day 276

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 276


Today is Saturday, January 26th, Day 276 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


Back on June 17, 1985, John Hendricks founded Discovery Communications and launched the Discovery Channel.  Today, more than 33 years later, Discovery Communications, headquartered in Silver Springs Maryland, is a multi-billion dollar mass media organization with dozens of cable and satellite channels.  All of the Discovery Communications channels pride themselves with a wide variety of original programming they broadcast.


One of Discovery Communications’ prominent channels is the renown “Investigation Discovery”.  In pursuit of its highly regarded programming Investigation Discovery retained “Zero Point Zero Productions” out of New York to produce its newest true crime programming.  The “Watch” contacted Henry Schleif, Group President, Investigation Discovery, American Heroes Channel and Destination America to confirm the engagement of “Zero Point Zero Productions” and its work on a new series, some of which appears to be in our region.


Apparently Zero Point Zero investigative team has been wandering, on and off, around Hamilton, Columbia and Suwannee Counties for the past two to three months, collecting information, conducting interviews and gathering video footage for an up and coming episode.  On a tip from an interviewee, the “Watch” reached out to “Zero Point Zero’s” executive producer, Chris Callins to determine the focus of their local interests.  It seems that contractual obligations limit “Zero Point Zero’s” ability to release information related to ongoing investigations and series episodes, but confirmed they were working on episodes of “In Pursuit with John Walsh”.


The “Watch” reached out to Walsh.  He commented “My life was unfortunately catapulted into the world of crime, and out of pain, I have made it my mission to ensure all criminals pay for the lives they have ruined”  As you may be aware, Walsh’s son was abducted and later found murdered in Southern Florida.  He has since dedicated his life to victim’s rights and capturing criminals.  Walsh has helped bring over 1,400 criminals to justice.


Apparently, the Red-face Ratt has made it on to his radar.  In the past, the “Watch” has reported on the efforts by one of the Ratt’s victims to provide evidence to the White Springs Police Department, which as you know has been neutered by the Ratt.  Unfortunately, the Police Department returned the evidence to the Ratt.  It seems that new evidence must have surfaced and more victims have begun to speak out.


If you have information that will help stop the Ratt, you can connect with Walsh using the hastag #TeaminPursuit, join the “IN PURSUIT WITH JOHN WALSH” Facebook page at and connect on Instagram@Investigation Discovery or Twitter @DiscoveryID.


Walsh and his team want to hear from you.  He is particularly interested in crimes where our youth are the victims, but he’ll address all crimes.  If you’re one of the Ratt’s victims or know one, you need to contact Walsh ASAP.


Well, White Springs, sometimes it seems like there’s no end to the things the Ratt does.  But you can end it.  You can stop the Ratt.  Get involved today.  Learn what the Ratt, his “Gang of Three” and the Lapdog are doing to White Springs.  Learn what he does to our youth.  Take action.  Report all of their illicit activities including drugs, bribes, embezzlement, fraud pedophilia, nepiophilia, ephebophilia, nepotism, retaliation and other corrupt activities.  Work with John Walsh (above) or call the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.  And start recruiting replacements for the two “Gang” members, the Ratt and Mindless”Splain it to me “Vice Mayor Tanja who are up for re-election in April.  Help educate your family and friends and remember to vote.


Never be Alone Near the Ratt.  It’s Day 276 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!

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