The RHATT Pack Watch Day 273

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 273

Today is Wednesday, January 23rd, Day 273 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


According to Deep Throat, the Baby Rat’s conversations taking place behind the ‘Out of Towner’ Lapdog ‘Just keep paying me’ Tebow’s back are about increasing concern, actually Near Panic, over the State and Federal Governments’ Public Corruption investigations.  Apparently this PANIC is so great that the Rats are beginning to make the leap from what appears to be a sinking ship.
It all began nearly three years ago, when the Red-faced Ratt, his ‘Gang of Three’ and Lapdog hatched a scheme to steal and illegally use Local Option Fuel Tax revenues.  The Ratt had already put in place his ‘Cousin’ Ken’s accounting firm to cover-up his planned illegal activities.  As the Ratt says, “Us Cousins gotta stick together”.


To test their scheme, the Ratt settled on embezzling over $150,000 through a series of phony invoices which he had his Lapdog  create.  ‘Cousin’ Ken didn’t even attempt to validate a single invoice and buried everything for the Ratt.  Emboldened, the Ratt and Lapdog starting looting the LOFT funds.  White Springs receives the LOFT funds in accordance with Sections 206.41(1)(d)-(e), 206.87 (1) (b)-(c), 336.021, and 336.025, Florida Statutes.


The State collects the funds and distributes them directly to Hamilton County, Jasper, Jennings and White Springs.  Florida Statutes require that all LOFT funds be placed in a separate “Transportation Trust/Restricted Fund” in accordance with the Interlocal Agreement the County enters into with each of the Towns.  White Springs ignores the separate “Transportation Trust Fund” requirement as well as the expenditure of LOFT funds only on products and activities defined by statute.  Of course, the Ratt’s ‘cousin’ Ken fabricated his personal expenditure definition in an attempt to cover up the Public Corruption of the Ratt, ‘Gang of Three’ , Lapdog, and others.  And by undertaking these actions, it appears that ‘Cousin’Ken may have exposed Hamilton County also to scrutiny of these violations of State Statute.  Clearly the State and Feds are closing in.


Deep Throat indicates what has been going on in Town Hall has been common knowledge among all of the Baby Rats and they have benefited in one or more ways, like designer clothing, free vehicles, Town cred cards and more.  This makes everyone in Town Hall Complicit in the Public Corruption and subject to prosecution.


The Baby Rats thought it was fun while everyone was enjoying the spoils, but now that they are about to get caught, prosecuted and incarcerated, Town Hall is panicking.  Hence, the behind the Lapdog’s back discussions.  Talk about who the Ratt and Lapdog would try to throw under the bus and when.  Talks about getting out before it’s too late.  The first of the Baby Rats to jump ship is ‘Cousin’ Andrew.  As you know, he has been the Ratt’s Boytoy and was rewarded for destroying evidence with a cushy two-hour a day job and the Town’s Emergency vehicle for his personal use.  Well “Cousin” Andrew is gone and the Town needs to fill this open position.  Think about applying!  It’s a pretty good bet, there will be more open positions as the State’s and Feds’ Public Corruption investigations progress and reach their conclusions.


White Springs, it seems like the Town is about to implode.  Baby Rats jumping ship and ‘Cousins’ find their way to Jacksonville for that “oh so important” discussion with the Feds.  Speaking of throwing staff under the bus, keep track of the Lapdog.  When she shows up in Jacksonville, she’s going to lay it off on someone else.  It’s not going to end until you retake control of the Town Council.


Replace the Ratt and “Gang” member Mindless “Splain it to me” Tanja with two honest, competent and hard working Candidates.  You need to recruit the two Candidates and help them get elected.  And you need to report all Known Public Corruption to the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.

Ensure Public Office is not available to any “Gang” members or the Ratt.  It’s Day 273 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!


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