The Rhatt Pack Watch, Day 277

The Rhatt Pack Watch

Day 277


It is Sunday,  January 27th, Day 277 of the Rhatt Pack Watch


The Red-Face Ratt and Mindless “Splain it to me” Tanja our Vice Mayor
are up for election in April and each are a Citizen’s betrayer
The Ratt started his depravity against the citizens of the Town
When he allowed his Lapdog to work only a four day week as did Ms Brown


That has cost the citizens $11,000 a year for work not accomplished
To a Town in which many of its citizens are clearly impoverished
And now the Lapdog has no-show Mondays and partial Tuesdays which the Town still pays
And now with No show weeks, the Lapdog has received a $3000 raise
The Rhatt allowed our Town Manager to breach her contract and the Town Charter
But has now provided her the 13 weeks severance and No show weeks for a starter
The Florida Ethics committee stated that the complaint made against the Rhatt
may have indicated a possible violation of Section 112.313(6) The Rhatt bureaucrat


but because of the Rudd Act, he escaped an ethics commission violation
because it would mean it could not go against Management’s decision, what cunctation!
The Ratt and Mindless “Splain it to me” do not consider the Children of White Springs a priority.
Instead have ruined every program Dr. Miller has ever provided within her authority.


Four years prior when the Ratt was running for a further government spot
He told the council that the Sewer Bill had to be reduced by $5.00 he thought
by reason that he was afraid the Citizens would not vote for him
but felt the Citizens vote was worth only $5.00 a month which is grim


The Carver School is listed as a Historic Site in the State of Florida
by secretly showing it would be demolished, it would mean that he could hurt the Williams Family and others with great euphoria
He advertised the first public hearing in the Gainesville Sun
So as far as participation by the citizens there would be none


The Second hearing regarding the grant request for a community building erection
Was published in the Lake City Reporter, the demolition not being mentioned so there would be no objection
To this time Mindless Splain it to me has never made a decision on her own
but instead works in conjunction with the Ratt, Sell-out Willie and Mayor Lofty who have no backbone


Mindless treats other citizens poorly and will take away accouterments
When someone paid for their use Women’s Club which is definitely superfluous
The Ratt attacks anyone who he does not like, who perform better than he
But one person who has done more than he, he attacks Miller continually


As Vice Mayor she feels she has a special privilege
And orders everyone around including those working on May Day as she continues to pillage
The Ratt feels no one has a constitutional right to state their grievances
And only follows the lows which he feels are beneficial which agree with his alliances


This states an abundance about the Ratt’s honesty and about him ethically
for Lawyers holding public office go beyond those of others which he ignores aggressively
Although the Ratt secured more money from Local Option Fuel taxes
Because of two additional truck stop accesses
He made certain along with his CPA that over $700,000 to date has been misspent
For which salaries, legal bills and funds for employees not working for which he has no repent
Instead he has the Lapdog hire inefficient employees and buys a excavator
and a pickup for one or its employees from LOFT funds to be handled later


The Statute requires the Town retain a separate restrictive fund
And when citizens complain he and his CPA pretend they are stunned
Yet our roads and streets have cracks, various potholes and infrastructure poor condition
causing damage to vehicles while The Ratt and CPA do not follow the “Transportation” definition
We really do not have a fire department except for names written fictitiously
Because of the Jealousies the Ratt had of the Former Chief Pittman, he was rid of him nefariously.
He really thought the the Pittman brotherhood would surely remain
But they could not trust the Lapdog and working with Assistant Chief Greene was totally insane


And our police department does nothing but write tickets and warning citations
Because the Ratt has neutered the police and gives them commendations
One must now call the Sheriff’s office if you have been victim of a crime
For calling the WSPD will not provide a result and they will ignore you all the time


Because of the Ratt’s proclivities, he made sure Cousin Andrew had a vehicle
Which Cousin Andrew can use personally with credit cards for fuel and maintenance which is unbeatable.
The Ratt lost his Gay porn to a Juvenile who witnessed his proclivities with juveniles
The porn which included many naked “cousins” including Andrew in various sexual styles
The Ratt made certain that YOU the taxpayer paid the Lapdog to defend her against Miller
He allowed his Lapdog to choose her own attorney which certainly did thrill her
Which cost you more money than the council agreed to
But the plan was to extricate Miller from her seat which they proceeded to do


If you think the Ratt will help you in any way
Think again because its his way or the highway
Because of the Ratt you have no Fire protection
And presently you have no policing authorities in abjection


You are charged over 250% more than other towns for your sewer utilities
But the Ratt and his Lapdog did not save enough money to fix the the pipes or the facilities
Instead the money was spent to benefit the Ratt’s favorite few
And now to perform the revitalization it will cost you millions to do


Your street and roads infrastructure is failing fast pointing to their illicit affairs
And the State’s LOFT money which should have been used for repairs
Is used for designer water and clothes
and many benefits for the ones the Ratt chose


The 10% taxes on all utilities you still must pay because the Town needs cash flow
Even though the loan to which it applied ended more than a decade ago
Your sewer bills will remain high and even though we don’t have fire protection
The Town is securing a USDA Grant for a new fire engine’s projection


Not only will you pay thousands of dollars in loans for the sewer revitalization emergence
but thousands of dollars for our 25% contribution on the fire engine grant convergence
The Ratt and Mindless took away all of your after school programs because of greed
And took away the wood splitter so no wood would be provided to those in need


The Ratt made certain that Mayor Lofty and Mindless agreed
That the school they would be saving would definitely be SHE
Yet the Carver school only needs a roof and some repair
But even if it’s historic, if you are Black, he and the Gang do not care


The Ratt, mindless and Lofty tell you how important they are
and the sad thing we see is that you seem to believe them which is par
Yet what have these officials ever done to make your life an improvement?
Except tell you to vote for them as only a sly political movement


Have they reduced your bills of late
or told you your water will not be cut off to date
Have they placed a safety signal so you can cross Highway 41?
Or are they just waiting for you and your child’s life to be done?


 Did the Ratt have the Lapdog extend the new street lights
to assure that the east of Mill Street would not remain in dark during nights
No they only care for you during the time they need your vote
And to hell with you after they are elected which is quite cutthroat
Can’t you see what we have been telling you all along
Whether Mindless, Sell-out and Lofty, to only the Ratt to which they belong
They will never help you even if you are in dispair
Because they are evil and corrupt and really don’t care


Don’t believe the the Red-face Ratt’s or Mindless “Splain it to me’s” Lies.  They make promises only during elections and forget that you exist shortly thereafter.   It’s Day 277 of the Rhatt Pack Watch and the Red-face Ratt has not resigned yet.

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