The RHATT Pack Watch Day 270

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 270

It is Sunday, January 20th,  Day 270 of the Rhatt Pack Watch



Pam Tomlinson is considered the number one employee of the Town
And should you ever question her, she will beat you down
 If you request Chapter 119’s for which she is responsible
 But to a co-worker she mistreated, she said” Do your own damned job” quite audible



She will simply say such things as you stupid stupid man, cause she can
 There is no policy where she has to be considerate to a citizen whether woman or man
 Her last dissertation to the “Journal” was “YOU, worthless excuse of a human”. 
 And we question whether she may have a mental impairment or if she is herself unhuman




It is said a symptom of mental health is trouble handling finances or working with numbers.
 Yet since she has made so many mistakes is it ignorance which she encumbers?
.Or is it that she has believed so much in the Ratt and his “Cousin” former Town Manager
 That she has cooked the books and pretends she is an amateur



She continually lies about people without impunity
 And treats anyone who she feels bothers poorly within the community
 She and her pal Heath continually vow what great Christians they are
But continually expel false statements and exaggerations which is par



Pam lies to everyone about coworkers and councilors  to get her way
 And how can any one believe her, we cannot understand in dismay
 Instead she discriminated against one of our Best and Brightest
 And the Lapdog listened to the lies thinking Pam so righteous



Well let’s face it Anita was always a threat to the Lapdog and Pam’s deception
 Rivers believed the citizens should have been treated respectfully with no exception
 Pam can’t help herself, she treats you poorly and continually is mean and unkind
 Since Pam has covered up for the Lapdog and The Ratt, there is no one who can assist you at this time


Pam loved “Cousin” Robert and didn’t care if he was an alleged sexual pervert
 It is only moral and innocent citizens and co-workers that she prefers to hurt
 So, is she mentally ill that her brain has been wired so wrong?
 A sign is a change in appearance or dress or problems maintaining her work for so long?


More than one person paying their utility bill has seen her in disarray
Her skirt tucked into her underwear showing her backside which they dare not say
In the meantime she seems to be confused, disoriented with problems of concentration and decision-making
 And the sad part about this whole entire affair is that we fear she is not faking


There seems to be memory loss especially recent or short memory lapses
 Yet she seems to blame everyone but herself for such relapses
 It takes her an exorbitantly long time to walk to the front counter
 Showing what appears to be unexplained fatigue and an energy loss encounter



But what if all along she has been unable to perform the job for which she was employed?
 In spite of training and investment through all the years she acts annoyed
 Her attitude just compounds the problem since performance is unlikely to ever satisfactorily improve.
But the Red-face Ratt and his Lapdog certainly do not disapprove


The Town cannot fire her or find a suitable replacement
 Because the Ratt especially knows of the corruption and the funds misplacement
 Besides Incompetence in the workplace, Pam seems to be quite insubordinate
 So is this problem because she is too lazy to perform the work tasks to date?


Where incompetence can apply across the entirety of a person’s existence
Insubordination is more than simple disobedience or a failure by a person to perform with any consistence.
 There should be zero tolerance for insubordinate behavior
 Yet with the Lapdog and the Ratt this is an acceptable misbehavior


The Red-face Ratt and the Lapdog do not care about any one of your plights
 And prefer to ignore complaints because to them citizens have no rights  
Or if not mental illness, incompetence or subordination, could it just be Pam is a bully?
We know the Ratt, Suck-up Mayor Lofton and Mindless share these traits fully



Bullies target people who pose a threat to them in the workplace
And the harassment and ridicule the Ratt, his “gang” and Pam did to a co-worker seemed to be commonplace.
Workplace bullies often target employees who are liked by their supervisors and praised for their performances.
Bullies want to elevate their own status within the organization by pushing others down. For their conformances



Bullies target people who pose a threat to them in the workplace.
A Bully’s target is often smart, competent and self-assured as an ace
A Bully cannot have a skilled competent employee throw a glaring spotlight on her inadequacies of performance
It would make the Bully insecure because of the bully’s lack of conformance


As such the Bully will be compelled to bring a coworker down a notch
By even sabotaging her work and spreading lies about her as a reputation blotch
Pam as a bully feels she can elevate her own status
By pushing not only coworkers but citizens she doesn’t like down, a known apparatus


Competence translates to competition for a bully to the letter
She will target capable people out of jealousy or put them down to make herself better
Bullies have poor coping skills and tackle their insecurities by manipulating others
To raise their own self-importance, if they have their druthers


Bullies often focus on employees who are fair, honest, and ethical
or those who have strong morals and integrity, while lying and putting themselves on a pedestal. .
Consciously or unconsciously, bullies thrive on immediate power fulfillness.
They seek out people who are vulnerable who they feel are unlikely to retaliate, or report them thus powerless


No Staffer Pam most likely is vulnerable herself and acts like a lying mole
And bulling others conceals her insecurities and the appearance that she is in control.
And she had to get rid of Rivers because of River’s relationship with a Council woman
To add to it, Pam had to target those who proved her wrong like Griffin who she considers inhuman


Bullies target those for whom collaboration, compromise and consensus seeking are second nature.
Although these traits make up a healthy workplace, the bully becomes exacerbated by such nomenclature
So what is it about Pam that makes her a liar, incompetent, mentally off and a bully?
It is obviously her insecurities and inability to perform her job which is the problem fully.


Councilwoman Miller was right but the Lapdog keeps Pam because the Lapdog is also insecure
Instead the Lapdog and Pam lie about Miller so they can seem superior and secure
Your time is coming Ms. Pam when your corruption will seem abundant
When an investigation will make you the White Springs pundit of all corruption


We know that our Finance Manager’s inability to perform her work and lack of efficiency and education has been used by the Ratt and the Lapdog for their own purposes.  In this manner, if they are ever investigated, they can pin the blame on Pam and say that she is aged and they did not know how poorly she was doing her job.  If I were Pam, I would be worried.  Yet, the Lapdog is the Manager and probably has some threats against the Red-face Ratt that will place them in a bad situation with Pam.


Don’t be vulnerable to “Cousin” Pam, the Lapdog or the Ratt.  Know that it is them and including the Gang who are insecure and have to pull you down.  It is day 270, and the Red-face Ratt has not resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch Continues!


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