The RHATT Pack Watch Day 264

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 264

Today is Monday, January 14th, Day 264 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


Can you believe it?  The “Watch” has always known that the Red-face Ratt’s Out of Towner” Lapdog “Just keep paying me” Tebow had no clue about how to manage a Town, or for that matter, not even a small Department in a Town.  But now, the Lapdog has hung her level of incompetence out there for everyone to see.  That’s right, Now everyone can see how you are wasting $58,000, plus benefits, per year for the Lapdog as “Town Manager” and she’s there only a small fraction of the time.


It’s not known with certainty, but apparently the Red-face Ratt became bored over the holidays and ordered the Lapdog to come back and do or maybe destroy something.  In any event, the Lapdog showed up at the Economic Development Committee meeting.  Another business man had made a request to the Town for access to the Town’s infrastructure, that is its Water and Sewer.  He knew the Town had never completed the last couple of hundred yards of these systems and it would require either a small investment by the Town or funding from the State.
As you are aware, the Ratt, his “Gang of Three” members, Mindless “Splain it to me” Vice Mayor Tanja and the illegal alien Suck-up “Mini-Me Despot” Mayor Lofty and the Lapdog have been wasting, misusing and out-right stealing as much of the Town’s revenues as possible for the last few years.  Since they intend to continue this as long as possible, a small investment in infrastructure by the Town Administration is out of the question.  So the Lapdog told the businessman that if he wanted Sewer and Water he could apply to the State to provide the resources to the Town to make the “hook-ups”.  Obviously the Lapdog has no clue why the Town pays her salary, and equally obviously, she has no clue how to perform any aspects of these or other Town administrative functions.
Going forward from this point in time, think about what this means to you.  The incompetent “Out of Towner” Lapdog now plans to off-load every resident request to that resident.  In other words, she plans to do absolutely nothing in Town but increase her vacation weeks to at least two weeks every month.


So let’s look at a couple of situations you might encounter.  As you are aware, White Springs is prone to Tropical Storms and Hurricanes.  Suppose that a storm hits White Springs and like a couple of years ago, the flooding washes out your street, like what happened to Jewett Street.  You call Town Hall and ask that it be fixed.  The Lapdog tells you to request support from the County, the State and FEMA.  She wants you to be responsible for everything because she’s incompetent and doesn’t know how to do it.  It doesn’t need to be water, sewer or streets or roads.  It could be anything!  If you were unfortunate enough to be robbed, she’d tell you to knell down and kiss the Ratt’s ring and then file paperwork for funding from the State to start a new Police Department (if the Ratt provides his blessing). Or what if you have the misfortune to experience a fire and your house burns down.  Never mind that it’s too late to help you, but the Lapdog will tell you to file the paperwork with the State Fire Marshall to establish a new Fire Department and seek its certification because she has no clue about what to do.  No matter what you request from Town Hall, which you are paying for through the nose, you’ll get nothing.


It doesn’t need to be this way.  White Springs is your Municipality, not the “out of Towner” Lapdog’s community.  You can change it by becoming involved, learning the issues and changing the “Gang of Three” members the Ratt and Mindless at the ballot box.  You can clean-up Town Hall by reporting crime and corruption to the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.  If you do your part, White Springs will be returned to the residents of this Town.


Eliminate the Lapdog by voting in April to remove and replace Mindless and the Ratt.  It’s Day 264 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues.

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