The RHATT Pack Watch Day 263

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 263


Today is Sunday, January 13th, Day 263 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


If you tell the “Out of Towner” Lapdog that she needs to follow the law
She will give you crocodile tears and say “you can’t talk to me that way”, jutting her jaw
Were you at the meeting where the Councilors interviewed her?
She talked and talked for an hour about what she learned until everything was a  tiresome blur


But Sellout Willie said she wanted “That Girl”
Although Councilor McKenzie felt another should be given a “Whirl”
But the Red-face Ratt knowing she had no experience to be a “Town Manager”
Knew that the “Gang” Sell-out Willie and Mindless Tanja could definitely handle her


The Lapdog, boring as she was, indicated it was all DeBary’s fault that she was fired
So even though Mindless was afraid she would sue us too, the Lapdog was soon hired
She knew she couldn’t do the job so the first thing was to knell and kiss the Ratt’s ring
She also knew that in White Springs,  to the many “Cousins”, The Ratt was definitely “King”


The Rhatt made certain he gave the Lapdog misinformation about Councilwoman Miller
And with multiple lies to Tebow against the Councilor, he set out to verbally fill her
When there were complaints about the book work handled by our Finance Director Clerk
The Lapdog wouldn’t listen but rather she couldn’t wait to dismiss Millers framework


The Lapdog even admitted she hated Miller for no foreseen reason
And worked hard with Pam to find anything Miller did as fabricated high treason
The Red-face Ratt was as happy as could be with the Lapdog’s progress
And because of Miller’s relationship with Rivers, the Lapdog provided Rivers undue Stress


She allowed Pam to not follow protocol to assist. Rivers when she was out
And “do your own job”, the finance Director Pam would shout
Even though the Finance Director’s duty was to handle matters in such situations
And the Lapdog allowed  such abusive behavior because of River’s other friendly relations


And The Police Chief then lied that she had no specific ties or friendship with Rivers
That going to lunch with Rivers and allowing her into the Chief’s home were not triggers
The Chief said with Rivers, she had only a professional relationship
Because if she told the Lapdog otherwise, she would definitely suffer a hardship


The Ratt loved that his Lapdog was going after both Miller and Rivers and loved the journey
And offered, with his “Gangs” approval, to pay for the Lapdog’s private attorney
And we the citizens had to pay not only for the Ratt’s friend and Lawyers to prove no Tebow discrimination
Besides YOUR $26,000 for the Rivers case he paid the Lapdog’s friend to defend her in the Miller cessation


There was no actual Malfeasance but Mindless Tonja and Sell-out Willie had no clue
It was decided that Miller would be guilty of Misfeasance Through and Through
After all the quasi-judicial hearing decision against Miller was decided in advance by the Ratt and his “Gang”
The Ratt made certain before the final decisions, that he made certain that he had the last harangue


But we learned a lot about the Lapdog in these two cases
We found out that for no reason she “Hated” Miller on no basis
And had spent weeks with Pam trying to conceive fabrications of Miller because Tebow was so headstrong
Even though Miller had the evidence to prove her accusations were wrong


But a kangaroo court was not all she has done to anyone who disagrees with her in White Springs
She locks herself in her office working on her own lawsuits against DeBary and other personal things
And feels she is entitled to not show up for work whenever she pleases
And the only way she works with her staff is by e-mail; the only communication on which she seizes
We found out why she is so emotionally moody because she admitted she was on Opioids
And stated that she had taken them for years because of her Rumatoid Arthritis she confides
Yet in her deposition with the DeBary Lawyer
There was no mention of Percoset in the list of drugs which she stated to her former employer


For a person with an MPA, she has no clue how to read a contract, per the Ratt’s statements
But she certainly takes advantage of this the Local Option Fuel Tax misstatements’
Not questioning, she listens to the Ratt by making certain there is no money for streets and roads
And knows that since she is an “Out of Towner” she doesn’t have to hit potholes.


The Lapdog  has taken away all After School and Summer activities
She works with Sister Ratt to make certain there are failed community festivities
She charged money at the Swap Meet which she had no business doing
So today without vendors at a meet, we have no activities which we all enjoyed pursuing


Because the Ratt apparently did not get a lot of love from some of the brotherhood
She made certain our Fire Chief Pittman was accused of things of which he never should
As a result, the Lapdog caused the volunteer firefighters to quit the Fire Department
Then the Ratt hired flunky Chief Steve to Protect “Cousin” Andrew for which he should have received Disbarment


Tebow paid Kenny Hutcherson for two years while he was too ill to perform his work
While time-sheets were forged with leave which should not have been given by her and the town clerk
So when we no longer had the prison crew, residents themselves had to mow and clean their swale
While dirt remained in the ditches and the infrastructure was destroyed in great detail
The Ratt told her to take care of dear Andrew his BoyToy
So he received the Fire SUV as his personal vehicle with credit cards to enjoy
The Ratt is such a poor attorney he cannot read a statute so he has the Lapdog buy an excavator
And the Lapdog is so ignorant, she spends LOFT funds, as the Ratt’s vindicator


The Lapdog will never speak to the citizens of the Town
And if she is required to do something she doesn’t want to do, you can see the frown
Her life of leisure at White Springs has to stop before it worsens
And covering up for the Ratt’s proclivities is definitely another one of her sins



Stay away from the insecure and corrupt Lapdog, who is the Red-face Ratt’s right arm.  She will do anything to take money from YOU, but don’t expect her do anything to assist YOU  It’s Day 263 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!










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