The RHATT Pack Watch  Day 256

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 256


Today is Sunday, January 6th, Day 256 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.



How about giving a wonderful Middle finger up to the White Springs Staff

Who if they would ever serve us would certainly charge more taxes and time and one-half

There is Pam who has had little education if any
Who doesn’t know how to use a calculator which is uncanny
She however knows how to cook the books
And only listens to the Red-Face Ratt and all the crooks


And then there is the Ratt’s beloved Lapdog who we keep paying
For all the No-Show Mondays and No Show Weeks, I’m just saying
She loves her percoset and all of the drugs the Ratt can provide her
While she hides in her office doing whatever for which the Ratt will concur


Since the Ratt was upset that the brotherhood didn’t show him love
He made certain the firefighters and Chief the Lapdog disposed of
Now the Town of White Springs has no firefighters in Town
In the event your houses or businesses might burn down


But Low and Behold we have a Fire Chief who has not the right certification
Who rarely goes on call or even shows up at the Fire Station
And the Assistant Chief can’t fight a fire because of his blackouts
But he’s given a Fire SUV that he can use here and whereabouts


Money is no problem for the Lapdog to pay the Cousins
Whether working or playing, they still have credit cards by the dozens
Why should any of the Cousins, especially Andrew,  Work?
When they can get paid for leisure like clockwork


And then there’s Police Chief Tracy
Whose drinking and partying makes her quite racy
When Citizens call her about drug problems or a theft
She won’t call them back and does a stage right or left


She’s hid the Ratt’s proclivities with young fondlings
And Ms. Tracy does not help people who want things
She hasn’t written a speeding Ticket for at least two years or more
After her accident where she didn’t work for a year her checks continued and she was cared for


And then there was Cousin Kenny who could not for two years perform his job
And when questioned, Cousin Pam acted like the Lynch Mob
“Don’t you know he has cancer and should be paid”, said she
While knowing the Law and the personnel manual did not agree


Instead she and the Lapdog started fixing and forging his time-sheets
While the mowing and other duties were not performed because the staff acts like White elites
After all, the Staff feels they can do as they please
Because the Red-face Ratt has told them stealing and embezzling is a breeze


And then there is Mindless Vice Mayor Tanja and the Sister Ratt team
Who took over the Special Events functions losing money to the extreme
No one cares any longer to attend such events
Especially with what they did to our Veteran’s Day Vets


And Mayor Lofty doesn’t understand that he is only a figure head mayor
While trying to work with investors as a major player
But never having the education to be a business mogul
He doesn’t realize that investors want a return on their money rather than someone who is boastful


Although our Police department is neutered and will not help a citizen with a problem
Chief Tracy and Mayor Lofty try to manacle any citizen who speaks against them with venom
And what’s so sad is that everyone knows neither of them have the smarts
And their ignorance of the laws is off the charts


And now we have a Street and Road Guy
Who the Ratt decided an excavator the Town would buy
Not realizing the LOFT funds do not consider the purchase of an excavator being transportation
And the DOT does concurs it will end up in cessation


And again we have William who said he is an electrician and plumber
But he’s had no education whatsoever and if he thinks he is either, he is a dumber
But the Lapdog need not ever check an application
Because the Red-face Ratt tells her who she needs to hire without frustration


There is no way to describe the Red-face Ratt’s disposition
He is evil to the core and stealing money from the Town is his only mission


He, like his Lapdog doesn’t give a damned about any one of YOU


And would rather you kiss his ring and let him keep screwing you too.

How about giving a wonderful

Middle finger up to the White Springs Staff

Who if they would ever serve us would certainly charge more taxes and time and one-half


Watch out for the Lapdog, the Ratt and the Staff because they intend to cause you ill.  It’s Day 256 and the Red Face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!

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