The RHATT Pack Watch Day 251

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 251


Today is Tuesday, January 1st, Day 251 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


Today is the first day of a New Year, the day that people tend to make New Year’s resolutions.  Have you ever wondered how and where this tradition began?  Historians tell us that numerous 4,000 to 5,000 year old Cuneiform tablets which have been recovered from Mesopotamia and related regions provide insight to the tradition of making resolutions at the beginning of their New Year.  The Babylonians’ New Year coincided with the beginning of the planting season in what is now our mid-March.  Their resolutions included activities like providing better care for their crops, better storage for their produce, returning borrowed items and paying debts.  If they kept their resolutions, they believed their fate would be favorable.


The Mesopotamian New Year remained the standard until about 46 BC, when Julius Caesar decided to reform the calendar.  January, named for Janus the two-faced god who Romans believed looked both backward and forward, was the 11th month of the year.  Symbolically, Caesar wanted January to look back at the past year and forward to the New Year.  So Caesar made January 1st, the beginning of the year and he also changed the lengths of several months.  Romans moved their practice of thinking about past mistakes and resolving to improve their good conduct for the coming year to January 1st.  Over time, many western cultures adopted the practice on making resolutions on January 1st and continued it to the present.  In fact, according to the American Medical Association, about 45 percent of Americans have made New Year’s resolutions in past years and will make New Year’s resolutions this year.


What do you think New Year’s resolutions should look like around White Springs.  Everyone knows the resolutions on the Red-face Ratt’s list like, he and Sister Ratt opening 4 or 5 medical marijuana stores within walking distance of the Lair, doubling the number of dealers on White Springs’ street corners, enhancing the amount of LOFT funds that he, his “Gang of Three” members, Mindless “Splain it to me” Vice Mayor Tanja and illegal alien Suck-up “Mini-Me Despot” Mayor Lofty and “Out of Towner” Lapdog “Just keep paying me” Tebow could steal, improving the supply of available young fondlings for his sensual pleasures, and whether or not he’s on a State funded extended vacation to the extent possible, throwing a bigger and better 2019 Pink Handcuff Gala for all of the “Cousins”, particularly those who haven’t felt the awesome cold steel of pink cuffs, closely wrapped around their wrists.


Apparently, the Lapdog’s New Year’s resolutions are to destroy more White Springs infrastructure faster and to steal more LOFT funds for the Ratt, herself and the rest of the “Cousins”.  Mindless has resolved to find more 4th and 5th graders to “Splain it” to her and at Town Council meetings whether she understands it or not to vote as she’s told by the Ratt.  And Suck-up’s New Year’s resolutions include kissing the Ratt’s ring more often in an attempt to curry sufficient favor to be graced with an invitation to the Ratt’s world renown Pink Handcuff Gala for 2019.


More important are the resolutions of most White Springs residents.  They include increasing their involvement in White Springs’ governance, becoming aware of and fully understanding how the Ratt, Mindless, Suck-up and the Lapdog are stealing from and taking advantage of everyone, identifying and supporting honest, caring and competent Candidates for town Council and cleaning up White Springs’ streets and Town Hall and working with the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.


Beware of New Year’s resolutions by the “Gang of Three”, the Lapdog and the Ratt.  It’s Day 251 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!

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