The new Lion King will be shown at 7:00 pm on January 25th with the January Birthdays starting the celebration at 6:30 pm

Nicole Williams reported that the Recreation Department is providing Movie Night in conjunction with the HOPE Program who will provide Birthday Cake to celebrate birthdays of those children having birthdays during the month.   On December 21st, the movie Polar Express was seen by Children and their families.   Popcorn and Hot-Dogs are provided at the Movies.

On January 25th, the new “Lion King” will be shown at 7:00 pm PRECEDED by the HOPE Birthday Party which starts at 6:30.  Ms. Rivers indicated that many of our Town’s children do not experience a birthday party on their special day and this gives children an opportunity to celebrate with others.

Donations will be accepted by the HOPE program.


Tonja Brown had nothing to report for the Special Events Committee.   At the special meeting it was stated that the Decorations would have to be secured from Ms. Johnson but since that time we have hurt Ms. Johnson’s feelings because Ms. Brown did not see fit in contacting her for the last three meetings.  And we now, Per Mayor Miller and the new rules implemented by our Town Attorney, do not allow volunteers to remain on the committee if they have missed three meetings in a row.

We know that Scott Gay offered $450 for the food at the MLK Event which will be held this upcoming Monday but Ms. Brown did not have any details as to the time the MLK Event starts and did not provide a firm estimate of the cost for food and beverages as she promised at the Special meeting held January 10th.   As such everyone is holding bated breath as to the event coming together.   The police Chief, per Ms. Johnson, will be in the Lake City Parade, with Ms. River’s Mother being the grand Marshall and the parade will probably last from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, so it is difficult having the Police Chief from Lake City to attend our MLK Event at the usual 11:00 a.m. Time slot.  We do not know if Councilwoman Brown  confirmed times with the Police Chief.

With the lack of planning, this in my opinion shows total disrespect for the memorial of Dr. Martin Luther King as well as the people of White Springs.  Hope this doesn’t occur to the Wild Azalea Festival as well and the Beautiful Dreamers event.

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