The manager’s report on the hurricane shelter

Town Manager Jones was asked to seek additional funding from Nutrient (PCS) if possible, for the hurricane proof shelter in the Carver School area. The managers report began with how it took at least 35 minutes to get the application completed on line and how difficult it was asking so many questions but he got it done.  (Was it a complaint or a brag on how hard he works?)

Tommie Jones stated that we have until 2021, not June 2020 to have the project completed.  He also stated that he went to view the property and described what he has seen as a wetland and that there was a prime piece of property, which also Joe Griffin advised but was shut down and that is on the NW quadrant..not the School area.

Mayor Miller said that the old school was the prime property and that we need to put the building there.  She indicated that the school is at the highest point and has entries and exits.

Although Mr. Phil Bishop of North Florida Professional Services had not planned to be speaking at our meeting, fortunately he was there. to clarify some matters.  The engineering firm did not provide all the surveys to White Springs since only one site specifically was chosen when we had a town meeting at the Carver School Location in 2019.

 At that time an African American Man, a good friend of Arthur Natteal, took over  the neighborhood meeting, puffed out his chest and said he was in charge and that nothing anyone had to say would be relevant.  He was adamant that the Carver School be demolished and that the building be built in its place.  He only came to one meeting after that to assure the Council was going to do as he said.  However, that was not mentioned at the meeting.

Mr. Bishop stated that the entire site was evaluated and surveys were made of each quadrant including the Northwest Corner…including Two in the Southern Part.   Although the boarings have already been place in the area behind the Carver School, new boarings can be placed on the Northwest side if that is desired and the survey will be provided to Mr. Jones.

Also it was stated previously that $12,000 would be saved if dirt was secured from the retention pond and Hamilton County agreed to dig the pond deeper.  However, Mr. Bishop stated that having the county do so is a duplication of work in so many words, because if the construction crew needs dirt, they will dig up the retention pond at the time.  The property must be higher than the 100 year flood in accordance with the Department of Emergency Management.  Although the Northwest quadrant is elevated higher than the school property, it will still need additional dirt to elevate it to the required standards. Walter McKenzie then stated our prior manager did not communicate this information to the Council nor did the council receive information on surveys, etc.   Bishop said, as is the practice, the information will be sent to the Town Manager.


Karin Griffin

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